A Special Message For You


a private, non-profit, philosophical order in the service of humanity


There are no recriminations or feelings of guilt to be gleaned from this material. There is clarity and upliftment to each segment of the information presented here.  It is the intent and purpose of this information to encourage every reader to live in accordance with the plainly disclosed simple laws that underlay all that each comprehends as life.  Each segment leads to a greater understanding and to a simple appreciation that encompasses them in entirety in a few words that guarantee absolute change in your day-to-day experience.  You have only to think or speak them with diligence and sincerity at every appropriate opportunity.  To become is your purpose and heritage.



Chapter No. 1

It is time now for the people on earth to begin preparing for the planned changes in earnest. Many prophecies have been given to you, so many as to be confusing. This has made it possible for most to do nothing because how could they prepare for so many different possibilities? It is imperative to begin with the most basic steps. Consider what are the most basic needs of man in the particular climatic region that you live in? Where you are with winter coming on it would be food, warm shelter and water? If warmth would be critical, it should be addressed.

Let us take a hypothetical example of an earth change "disaster." Suppose there was an especially severe winter storm in your area. This would be a storm that involved high winds, extreme cold and quantities of blowing and drifting snow. The electrical power would of course be cut off. Even if as was available, it would be unavailable to you unless there was a gas powered fireplace. Without electricity, you could not cook on your electric stove. There would be no electric lights. The streets would be impassable and probably telephone lines would be out, so you could contact no one. What would be your plan? Have you even thought one possibility through to this extent? I suggest that you have at least basic emergency supplies available at home or perhaps in your auto as you are seldom anywhere without it being close by. A camp stove with fuel, some canned or dehydrated food, sleeping bag and most important of all — water! Be sure all is in working order, test them to be sure you know how to use them, see that all parts are there. Know what it is that you would do.

Watch your weather forecasts and be aware that any potential storm can be strengthened and steered. Instruments are in place and in use with the sophistication to do this. (HAARP) Inasmuch as we cannot interfere, we cannot protect you from this possibility. Of course this discussion has centered on only one of many possibilities. You may expect these to be happening around the planet as the equipment is tested in order to understand its capabilities before coming up with a planned sequence of scenarios to help them achieve their goals. Check your food supplies. Long keeping winter vegetables are a wise investment and do cook them to learn how, for most of you have fallen into the prepared food trap. Available lake or river water could be frozen and is seldom pure enough to drink. Water storage is wise and even that will not stay pure without special care. A camping purifier pump is available with extra filters. Consider adding a first aid kit, change of clothing. etc. I strongly suggest that you take stock, make a plan and actually put together a workable short term emergency kit and have it in place. Once that is completed then add long term necessities on a regular basis. Once this is accomplished, you can then turn your attention to the business at hand.

There was an old typing class exercise. "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of your country." It would seem to me that this is most appropriate now. But in coming to the aid of the country, one must put him/herself in a position of confidence so that in a crisis attention can be turned outward to those in need rather than scrambling to meet ones own personal needs.

In closing our first session, I would remind you that the days of greater chaos are drawing closer in an ascending quickness. Let us continue these sessions so that our clarity may increase and our messages may become truly a guiding light in the darkening of the days ahead. Sometimes it is necessary for darkness to descend before people can become aware of a light that has been shining all along. Thus shall the coming together of the true family of Light Bearers serve to vanquish the deeds of those with dark intentions. Always remember things work together to bring forth that which was planned long ago, for God’s plans cannot be thwarted. The duration and complexity of events can be altered if there is a faltering of faith and action on the part of those that have been placed in stations of service. None are placed who do not have the ability to accomplish their missions. Some will falter and perhaps even fail. That, of course, is a possibility, but back-ups are in place and things will move forward in Divine Order. If you trust the knowledge that there is indeed an overall plan, a larger picture, and that it will succeed. Then your own courage and faith will be less likely to falter. TRUST THE PLAN AND PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE DAY TO DAY DETAILS. THIS KNOWINGNESS WILL BE YOUR ROCK ON WHICH TO LEAN. YOUR TOUCHSTONE OF FAITH.

No. 2

Let us begin on this new day in quest of a new day. The people of your planet sink further into the morass of depression and suppression. There is nothing but doom and gloom reported all around them and for lack of a vision of Light, all appears to be fading into darkness. The focus of attention to the devils of the dark doings does not resolve the issue. In order for Light to triumph over darkness there must be a vision of the Light that translates into a recognizable reality. Let us use the birth of the United States as an example. Though we cannot cover the details, we can look at the process, as it is known. There were those who came together to envision something that was different than what was currently being experienced by the planetary inhabitants. No one person brought forth the vision, it was a composite of the inspirations that were but pieces of the whole.

This process must be repeated again. There are those who believe that you should return to what you have had before. Let us say that even that would not resolve the issues at hand. The "founding fathers" did not have instant communication, the Internet, exotic surveillance methods, under and above the sea devices as well as horrendous weapons of destruction with which to deal. You have allowed these to be created and though you long to return to a simpler time, you will either tame these or they will destroy you. You must look past the need to merely survive the methods of trickery designed to annihilate you and dream what you would have instead of the chaos of darkness. It is as simple as that, for as long as you choose to merely withstand and only survive the onslaughts of the oppressors, you are sinking deeper into the morass. You will only rise to the top with a new vision. We cannot give you that vision. The book of Spiritual Laws provides some guidelines, however the vision must be simple to be powerful. It must be visual in its simplicity so that the people now surrounded in darkness can literally be struck with its beauty and feel called to its simplicity and clarity.

How do you do this? A small group cannot do it alone. A nucleus must come together and as they begin the process others of vision will be drawn to it, in fact literally sent. The time for beginning this project is not at a convenient time later, but now. There is no time to be wasted if you are to accomplish this. To tarry will only make it more difficult and bring more suffering to the already oppressed. The window will close in literally weeks if it is not begun. I know you are caught up in the process of illuminating the details of the chaos, but what has that done to stop it? Can you actually see anything happening to change the speed of the decline? Then you must change your perspective. Look in the opposite direction. Are you part of the problem by observing it or can you become part of the solution by looking for the building blocks of what you want instead?

Begin in your meditations to ask who would serve well in this project. This is not an esoteric process for people who are looking to give lip service and stand on the sidelines and observe. This is for visionary realists that may never actually observe the extent of the work they do now until the very end. These people will be able to look beyond the chaos and recognize the opportunity. I suppose you might say these are people with one foot in each world, who can look into both without losing their balance. Once you start looking for them you will find them coming into your experience in what may seem too unusual to be accidental. Meet in 3s, 7s and 12s. This is the most important step to be taken now. Know that all help possible will be given on request. Many ideas will float through, but those of value will take root and the dream will become real, but first it must be conceived before it can be born. You need not feel total responsibility for any phase, only for the initial promotion of the idea.

The hour is desperate and the plans of God hinge upon the people of service. The awareness of the need for change is well established in the consciousness of many, now the vision must be planted, that it may sprout and come to fruition. May your day be blessed with the Love that is yours, for you are Love in manifestation. It is your job and your privilege to focus it that God may stand forth in Freedom and Truth in the experience of his beloved children.

No. 3

It is our hope that the process being initiated will bring together a nucleus of such compatibility as to be a cohesive cell, which shall mimic the bodily process of cell division. Within such a process, the spread would be quite amazing. Remember a babe begins with the combining of just 2 cells and becomes a being of trillions in a matter of 9 months. By the Law of Attraction, a Universal Law, this is entirely possible. Of course the nature of the babe is determined by the birthing combination. It is the characteristics of these that shall have a profound effect upon the end product. Do not worry. Ones that should not be included won’t be, but there are many that are appropriate. Just relax and allow the process to flow, which doesn’t mean that this phase is yet complete. Indeed it is just beginning. Just setting minds to considering such a possibility will not bring commitment. You are most important in the birthing. It is receptive hearts that are willing to begin the processes that are important. The character, openness to act beyond the confines of the present moment, the ability to make and keep commitments, the love of fellow man beyond themselves, the desire to rise above the trees to see the forest that are the critical components for these parents. Through this process the awakening of man into again the "family of man" is possible. The ability of man to transcend the present self made dilemma into a new concept of experience will bring about a change not only individually, but to all and a ripple effect will be felt throughout the Universe/Cosmos. I know that this seems like a big assignment to begin from just 2, but each new child is also a miracle. Its beginning is hardly auspicious. Just a mass of dividing cells with no apparent organization into a miniature babe. But, at a miraculous moment, the appearance in miniature is there. Inspiration shall begin the change within the focused group consciousness.

The project assignment is that each new cell continues to divide. How exactly is this going to work? The first meets with two. Then each meets again with two others, then each again meets again with two others until there are 7. (3 plus 2 equals 5 plus 2 equals 7.) Then that group meets and the 4 additions split and create their own 7. Now the originals at that point can again begin a new cycle or drop out. The more times each individual repeats the process, the more the growth cycle accelerates. Can you see how the original organization can grow quickly without bringing great danger to the project or to individuals? At this point it is only the dream that is being promulgated. Then the babe takes shape at the critical point of greater group awareness, then the plan changes and the organs, so to speak begin to take shape for the different functions necessary for the creation of the dream. Since the focus is on the creation of a new experience, armaments are not a part of the picture and less danger is present. The focus is not resistance because forward movement into change is not factored into the detection process as presently set up by the oppressors.

I shall leave you to consider what you have been told this far.

No. 4

Fear in the heart, puts a damper on the appreciation of the wonderful gift of life. It also hardens the belief of separation and causes those wrapped up in it to become deadened and wooden in their ability to perceive changes going on around them. It is like a cloak being wrapped around the awareness. In this way the darkness wraps its insidious plans of subjugation and annihilation around your fellow earth beings.

Now begins in earnest the movement of the Light to bring an end to this situation. As with all things it begins with the process of thought and desire to bring an end to it. In this case, the subtle, modest beginning will go unnoticed. The opposing forces are planting their seeds of perceived invincibility everywhere. If this were real, they would not need to do so at the level of a psychological campaign. Remember that humanity now numbers in the billions. That is an overwhelming number in itself. These are souls that are volunteering to be here for the benefit of this planet and these beings have incarnated here for the purpose of experiencing the next rising or at the least to assure its success. They shall not go unrewarded.

Remember that this is a play. It is difficult to get this understanding across, but in a play, all you have to do is to change the lines to change the scope of the play. Well, you are a fragment of the whole of Creation and can begin changing the lines of the play. Is this an over simplification of this situation? It would appear so from your prospective, but indeed it is as simple as that. This project involves the formation of the group entity that can change the lines, or add a new character, however you want to visualize the process. Remember a visualization involves pictures. The words that you use in your contacts with those who might become the critical parents of this entity will respond to that which stirs their imagination and their emotions. Learn from your successful political elections, which appeal to emotion before logic. What works for this instrument of the opposition with the people can work for you also. The logical approach brings lots of rhetoric, but it is that which brings visualization and emotion that incites action. What is wanted here is action, not reaction. The resort to the use of arms against the plan for overwhelming mankind is doomed from the start. Yet the keeping of their guns by the citizen of this country, means that their freedom is not yet gone. When those are taken, then you will see a real overwhelming realization among your people of the gravity of what surrounds them. Thus the timing is again stressed. We do not mean to belabor this, but there are windows of opportunity that must be used for our advantage for these offer the greater chance of success with the least amount of suffering for the greatest number.

Insofar as grieving in regard to those that are suffering, let me assure you that the number of souls incarnating on this planet increases the difficulty of their plans. (Note that I avoid using certain names, and you would be wise to do that also after all within your circle the exact identity of these forces can be assumed as known.) Their role is well known to them before they incarnate. They don’t remember it now of course, but they come to assure the success of the process of our mission. Does that assure you of the importance of the earth in the total scheme of the grand picture? I would think so.

In the initial meetings of the small groups, no one visualization is likely to appeal to all, so one suggestion shall be given as guidance. "Ask and it shall be given." A composite will emerge that will provide the appeal when participation reaches a critical stage. This diversity will aid in the masking of the process. You are well connected, so do not be concerned about this aspect. Use the visualization of dominos standing on end and arranged is a pattern so that when one is made to fall, all follow in rapid progression. It has great application to our meaning and brings an identifying tie to their planned process.

No. 5

It is resistance to recognizing the situation and more resistance to being responsible for the changing of it, as well as the induced feeling of overwhelm that blocks the participation of the majority. The willingness to be responsible for personal conduct and to change the focus of perception is buried within the busy (frantic) schedules of daily existence. Individuals find solace in their excuses for not confronting the growing signs of coming oppression. Breaking down this line of resistance and drawing as many of these into the new planned pattern of Life remains the goal. Those of the dark plan have set their focus to overwhelm any human beings with plans to resist and have preconceived plans ready to move toward the crushing of resistance. However there are none for the coming of a new vision. This leaves that opening available to us, in fact, the ideal opening. Our plan is not to fix the old, but to create the new.

(There will always be the repetition of certain ingrained habitual thoughts, hopefully not to the point of nausea.) The skill of speaking, indeed even thinking, discretely on the subject of those with plans contrary to the will of Creation will aid in helping to bring that style of referring to them into usage. The more variety in this application of presenting the subject being discussed the better. It is easy for focused individuals to "get right to the point" but this will not serve in the long run.

It might be appropriate to point out that a linear progression within the scope of this project will not always be apparent. Divine Order is the "order of the day." And Divine Order does not follow man’s ideas of sequence at all. You have set up certain unspoken, subconscious rules to give "sequential order" to your experience. The forces of God do not have to follow sequence to have organization. Therefore, it is important that once the process is initiated to a critical point, then you must trust in its completion of itself without the ego control so familiar to each of you. This is imperative, lest you monkey wrench your own dream.

Our co-operative effort and it is that, must begin, continue and end with focus on a completed goal. It is the composite of dreams of what a Utopian world would be like, one that each would truly like to experience that will bring this to pass. This is the opposite of the resistance that is expected. How much time do each of you spend in this "daydreaming" process? Survival daydreams are more the norm in the group that we are depending upon for this formative process. Granted such a thing, as easy earth compatible energy sources are a part of that dream, for luxuries of easy living are not appealing sacrifices for freedom from oppression. This is what is automatically supposed will be the cost of such change. Would a new paradigm of experience be without comforts? Different comforts probably, but I doubt anyone will feel any regrets for having given up the present situation. This again is the "resist or be shoved backwards" thought process that must be abandoned. That you want what will make your experience even better is a given, and it should be assumed. It must also be assumed there may be a short period necessary to endure in order for this change to happen, but it can be shorter than you might imagine. When this pivotal project is accomplished, our help is not only allowed, it is mandated. It is the beginning "think tank" discussions that will bring about the beginning of the change of expectation to an ever-expanding group. Think of a stone tossed into a pond. The ripples reach out to effect a greater and greater area. We call it a critical point, you refer to it as the "100th monkey theory". Think of the counter thought group as having to send the ripples in from the outside to the middle. Remember they are creating what is not in accordance with the laws of God. Their concentration is toward containment while your focus is toward rippling outward. Now, which one do you think works the best? When these ripples meet what happens? If you are using the same pond water, which one is likely to overwhelm the other, especially if the stone that is dropped is becoming larger and larger in what might be interpreted to be slow motion?

Remember there are vibrational effects that are and will be brought in to being that cannot be observed by you. Each time the thought pattern is focused toward the goal, the more it becomes intensified. As it intensifies, it becomes more magnetic and attraction begins to build. You are not likely to surprise any of the contacts. What you are most likely to hear is that it has been in their thoughts already, but they just hadn’t made the effort to follow through with its implications. The process will become appealing and challenging when you begin to dream of ways to use the mechanisms put in place for the use of those of opposite intentions. Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Rather than to destroy and resist, it might be possible to use some of what they have in place for your own intentions. You have focusing powers that are capable of many things when there is group participation and a few innovations of your own can be added. Remember the pipe that sends vibrations to the crops in the fields? Ever wonder what else it is capable of doing? You might be surprised. Even the sound embedded in Dan Carlson’s music tapes for the growth of plants might be interesting in the presence of their focused vibrations. Just a thought or two about what you already have available.

No. 6

The light begins to change its focus as the window changes in what might be considered depth, as layers of intentional activity will be added. The focus becomes more intense in the area on which it is aimed. Now this can be an advantage as it can bring the focus to a greater clarity. That the cloak of darkness appears to you to be getting more intense can have its positive aspects. The closing of the noose is not as unobserved by the masses as you might think. Intuitive feelings are becoming aroused. The critical mass of awareness is being aroused and the other side is well aware of this. Remember there is a weak link within their plan. They are going to demand that their army of militia turn on their own people, indeed their own friends and family. That is a key point on which there will be reactions that they cannot predict. This allows openings in their plan. They seem minor to you in your consideration, but these can be used to great advantage for sometimes a moment is all the focus of Light may need.

Ours will not be a plan of resistance. It will be the lifting up of a vision into manifestation through the minds of many. When the picture of what has been carefully planned for them is repulsive enough to their imaginations, don’t you think that they will turn with enthusiasm to a vision that thrills them? Remember there will be those who will choose otherwise. There will be a division. There will be enough that have been either won over or will be lost in the desire of continuing to experience the menu which has been fed to them in the media barrage directed at them. This will be a point you will have to deal with, as will all that join in this plan for transcending the decayed into the new birthing opportunity. All will not choose to join, and here you must recognize the free choice of experience given to each. It is not so much hardening your heart toward them as an attitude of allowance. Remember there is no death. Only the end of an experience and eternity is incomprehensible. It is not for any of you to judge what the experiences of each individual means to the completion within each Soul. The Soul draws to itself a composite and makes of these experiences patterns that dazzle the imagination. The dance of duality, darkness and Light as you will, are part of the play.

You must not become disheartened at any time, for there will be those who will surprise you. It is for you to keep your eye on the vision and to watch it unfold into creation from your limited perspective. That too will be fascinating. How will you know? It will be difficult in the birthing phase, for in the beginning the process of a babe hardly looks like anything but a maze of dividing cells, with no apparent organization. At the critical point, all that miraculously changes into a form. Then the challenge of preventing an abortion will become a dual focus. However, that too shall be handled. Remember this, as you begin to help yourselves, more and more co-operation from various forms of manifested Light can assist in ways you, and even I, cannot imagine and may never be privy to know about. It is the focus on the vision that shall attract this assistance toward success.

We can continue to present this information to you, but there can also be discussion. Questions can be asked as long as they are pertinent to the process at this point. No divining allowed. Just focus on one stage at a time. As to what your continuing roles shall be as the plan unfolds will be revealed as each day arrives. There is no already existing vision except in a dim outline that is set up by the influence of the Universal Laws. At the time of filling in these outlines, those will be made known to the founding parents in very simplistic terms. KISS will be the "order of the day" for the entire project. How is that going to be possible within the contributions to the vision by many? Trust the process. The planet is experiencing on an entirely different level than it was when the founding fathers of the U.S. followed this same path. Note this time it is "founding parents", and that in itself is a raising of the level of experience. Both energies shall be present and it shall make for a doubled energy focus. Though women knew the last time and supported as allowed, theirs was not a contributory role except as an outside influence. Neither shall dominate, for the vision must move beyond such selfishness and bring about a synergistic wholeness.

At this point, you must not concern yourselves with the manifestation of their plan. You know of it, you are expecting it and so it must be ignored. Your focus must be on the moment and what is to be done. If that which you do now puts you in danger, perhaps you should begin laying plans for doing something different. Not yet in this moment, but soon. Perhaps this surface activity cycle is drawing to a close. It is only a suggestion to be considered, though you already have toyed with it. We leave it to your discretion. Corporate business will be allowed for activities that do not make big waves. Opportunities shall appear for your consideration.

Travel shall be safe for a time yet. If you miss a plane or a flight is canceled take it within your stride. There may be many reasons apparent in retrospect as to why you were not to be on a particular mode of transportation. When travel is no longer safe, you will know. The focus of your intent now is to work within the activities of the parenting process.

No. 7

There is much being done to bring into concrete experience the truth of the statement that the unseen world is more real than the one that is seen by the mass consciousness on the planet now. These concrete demonstrations of the nature of this unseen causal effect are not only stimulating awareness, but bringing forth the opportunity to use this knowledge to encourage the visioning of the process that together we are beginning to bring forth. (How is that for talking all the way around the subject?) It helps to bring it out of the realm of wishing into the realization that there is a way to counter their methods without adopting them. The work to be done is not at this 3rd dimensional level of resistance, but as I have emphasized before, at the causal level of creating what is another focus entirely. The reality of the possibility of this process has already been demonstrated in fields that indicate these processes can be adopted and focused in accordance with what is needed. The already proven success of these "theories" adds the inspiration needed to bring forth the birthing activity. It is recommended that the "messages" be held for those who would be encouraged to join the birthing process in the immediate future. These people will quickly see the correlation, and of course some are already in the awareness of some or all of its contents. A basic awareness of both sides of the forces present is needed and that information is available and it is necessary that it be known to those selected as the parents of this process. It is a human weakness to assume that what is known to one, is also known to all. Details are not necessary, but an overview would be most helpful with an available "catalog" of well documented information for those desiring a more comprehensive understanding in areas not familiar to them

The processes mentioned in the "message" are of course known to those engaged in this broad research and these strive to be merely known, but not to create a situation that will bring public awareness. At that point their existence is a threat to the powers that assume invincibility. These would then be in a precarious situation as the noose tightens. Their importance cannot be stressed enough. This is the reality check needed to assure the success of the understanding that these higher vibrational realities need to be "pulled" into the experience of this planet. As the "message" reveals, the comfort zone under threat can bring violent reactions, not only in the circles of the opposition, but among the general public. The opposition at its highest levels knows that it is threatened by a possible collapse of their operation from the inside out. The mass consciousness is merely reacting in a "Pavlov’s dog" fashion. Possibility thinking is not acceptable.

Herein lies the need for careful movements within the project until the critical mass is reached. This is why the approach to the plan must be by word of mouth to known individuals who then take the responsibility of approaching those who they know have the proper sympathetic awareness and desire to see the situation change. The ability to identify with the change to be made at levels behind the "5 senses" experience must be paramount in the beginning parenting process. It isn’t the number of people involved at this stage, but the quality of the awareness that is important. The ability to possibility think, the openness to expansion of awareness and the ability to assimilate and postulate into new synthesis, the known and unknown, is of critical importance. In other words, choose carefully. With that step clearly in mind, the proliferation will take care of itself. The clarity of the first combinations will set the stage for the entire process.

No. 8

It is interesting that the power of thought has brought us to a meeting point of consciousness. This is a process of intent focused toward a mutual purpose. It is this bringing together of purposeful intent that is the magic of shared manifestation. It is evident in the perceived world that surrounds you in both its positive and negative forms. Now the plan is to raise that process to a higher level, to engage known processes to further your exploration of the process of manifestation. It is a matter of intention that brings forth the knowledge to be able to do this from a vantage point of awareness of the essential elements to ensure completion. This need not be done through blind faith in an unknown process. This would encourage an attrition rate that would ensure failure. It is a matter of making the data available to the conscious awareness and then allowing it to percolate. The inspiration for application will come forth into understanding. Manifestation is not a haphazard, lucky combination of synchronistic meetings. There are specific already existing procedures in place available to be used. It is a matter of bringing these purposefully into the awareness and then the creative imaginations will trigger the appropriate applications. "The luck of the draw" is simply too risky to be relied on in this project.

Here again the stress remains on the careful choices for the parenting operation. It is not desired to belabor this point, but it is awesomely important.

Ours is a most important combination of massaging your consciousness (plural) and stimulating your concerns without bringing forth panic. We are finding this to be a skill that is most rewarding. It is indeed bringing about the desired results. You are not the only ones to which this process is being applied. Just know that all that can be done from this level is being done. It is in the actual movement from the point of inertia that will allow this behind the scene help to aid in bringing forth the manifestation of the plan. Remember the birthing process begins with the dance of desires and culminates in an apparent miracle through processes that go on for the most part beneath the level of conscious awareness. These processes are not haphazard, but proceed within exacting synthesis of multiple complicated interactions. If there was an original plan for this common place happening, then don’t you think that a plan for one as important as this one is also in place? If you do not need to be aware of the functions relating to the birth process of a child to complete itself, then do you need to know of all the processes that will happen in this project? The human birthing process would not happen if certain physical actions did not to take place to initiate its beginning.

What is being emphasized here is that you understand you will not shepherd the whole process to its conclusion. Neither do we want you to think you will be left out of the project once it is initiated. Indeed, you will be included in ways that are not in the most freewheeling of your imagination at this moment. In this case, we encourage you to trust the process and continue to be available, for you are all needed. You did not sign on for a short-term assignment.

Let us continue now by moving on to other subjects that are of course related. It is important to keep a balance in this stretch of your understanding of this commitment to the transcendence of the planet and its inhabitants. Know that this is hardly a single handed commitment, but the agreed upon commitment of countless numbers of beings who are not strangers to the process. In this case, the energy of this particular planet has reached a level of heaviness that is challenging to say the least. But after all, you must know that all of you thrive on challenge and this is no exception. However, this time it is not a game, for failure would have serious implications beyond the mere suffering of incarnated beings. This of course is known to you a your deepest levels, so it is not meant as a threat. In this case, we are allowed greater discretion to assist and we are stretching it to the utmost in order to initiate the beginning of this project. Much planning has gone into the methodology with contingencies covered for the art of improvisation is not limited to 3rd dimensional experience.

It is known that certain lack of sincerity exists in the realms of those who present themselves as leading the resistance to the planned changes. In this case, either these will find themselves involved in other activities or you will have a distinct knowingness regarding the appropriateness of their inclusion. The identity of some of these might come as a surprise, but again you are connected to a point now that you will know in the moment when it is necessary to be cautious. Most of what is included today in this contact is known to you, it is as yet not possible to reveal detail for two reasons. The proper sequences are not yet in place and this line of communication is not yet at a level for these to come through. All possible is being done to prepare this last phase so that there will be a coordination of these elements. Again, we ask your patience and that you trust the process, redundant as it may seems at times. As you say, just hang in there.

No. 9

The situation is this. Time is the primary element used to recognize placement within the 3rd dimension. However, the veil between dimensions is thinning. As the awareness grows of the availability of 4th and even 5th dimensional processes for usage in this 3rd dimensional realm, this veil will begin to thin even more. The new focus must include elements of the higher dimensions. How to do this! Thought moves between dimensions as long as the thought is within those dimensional parameters. 3rd dimensional parameters allow for interfering with the development of others. It allows for the forcing of one will upon another. Above that dimension, all are allowed freedom to develop without this interference. Personal responsibility is the keynote of existence. Contrary to the mass consciousness appearance of the lack of development of this level, it is there, simply smothered by the barrage of mind control techniques. However, those techniques are not as successful as it might appear. If it were, then the massive physical control that is being put in place would not be necessary. If it were, then there would be no problem of what to do in their view of over population. There would be masses of people following like lemmings into the sea. What is becoming a rising tide, is the ground swell of feeling of people longing for this personal freedom.

Through the moving of jobs from your country, people have found that they can create for themselves new opportunities, however nebulous they maybe within the "communications" dream of non-production. This success within planned failure has tweaked the creative urge within many thus the proliferation of home based businesses. It is this glimmering of personal success that has sparked a surge within even the most oppressed of the beings in your country, meaning the welfare recipients. This information has not stayed within the boundary of this country. It has always been alive in countries of great poverty. If it were not, more would have starved long ago.

This longing for freedom will be fanned into a blaze by the dream and its simplicity. It will be this new conception that will lift the spirits of those who will hear, and the lift will be literal. The inner prayer of the longing hearts shall be answered and their reaction to it will not be stopped. It can’t be reached by third dimensional methods, for those who try to apply them will simply be left as helpless as was the dark plan for the people. Once the critical point of awareness is reached, support of the new paradigm will take the planet forward as a whole. The "ascension" of the new age dreamers is one of individual flights into the clouds, but this shall be a planetary change. Your bible mentions two standing in a field and only one is taken. The person who wholeheartedly believes in the dream shall accompany the dream.

The parents of this dream must have the understanding, that 3rd dimensional parameters must be transcended and thought must be focused into the higher expectations of a new dimension. Trust in the personal responsibility of its citizens will be the key to the foundations of that new perception. It is the password, so to speak, for entry into this experience. Honesty and forthrightness are practiced without question. Your 23rd psalm translation misrepresented this by the word "righteousness" which was given the meaning of judgmental attitude, in particular, the actions of others. Instead, it was meant that each was to be responsible to live rightly within the personal focus on their life attitudes and actions. This would result in finding that games of inappropriate action will not work if no one else will play by those rules. There can be no victims and no martyrs if no one will play that game. This may sound naive considering the chaos around you, but that is the difference. That is the leap that must be made, through the assumption that humanity has a critical mass that is ready to assume this shift in perception. The profit motive at the expense of all others has not lead to Utopia. Man in true prospective is a radiant being, meaning created to give outward the expression of the Creators Love, not to live as a usurper with only the intent of drawing all toward himself as depicted by the material experience. The experiment of this has left him hollow and unfulfilled. This shall be the opportunity to experience what will satisfy and fill his heart cup to running over.

How can you paint this vision with the color of emotion that shall magnetize all that hear it and catch them up into movement toward it? Intent shall be the alchemical ingredient, and the Creators Love of his children shall spread butter upon the path, to convert an old adage to a different focus. It can be done, it shall be done, on that you can place your life’s focus and trust. The etheric winds of change are in motion and the momentum is building. Do you think there is anything that can stand against the Creator of the game in the first place? It cannot be so. Welcome to the winning side! Now isn’t that a wonderful greeting?

This seems like a logical place on which to end this exchange of thought. Open your hearts and feel the love that is given to you for your trust and acceptance of our combined path in this marvelous adventure of adventures. How will we top this one? It is not for us to know, yet.

No. 10

The movie, "The Siege", contained heavy subliminal messaging. Just one point, remember that it used the constitution to resolve the difficulty. However, their intention is to use executive orders so that there is no constitution for where will there be a judge with authority to stand against the dark organization. The realization of that will quickly demoralize the people. That was another sleeping pill of greater magnitude than you realize. Asking for shielding and for discernment was quite effective and it will be most helpful to use it as the situation progresses. It is something that will need to be done by each and not something that can be done for a group by one person. Again we go back to the law of individual responsibility.

It will be interesting for you to know that the planetary consciousness is changing. Let us compare this to a breathing pattern. It is as though the planet is changing its steady intervals of inhale and exhale to an irregular pattern of a deeper inhale as compared to the exhale as a gathering of internal energies. That is an area of our discussions that has not been covered. The planet too shall participate in the plan to change the situation. Remember that all manifestation at all levels is the result of the projection of thought into the malleable ethers (your name for creative potential), and that thought is interactive within itself in the ability to maintain balance.

You can perceive that you are beginning to experience a focus of change in a co-operative energy vibration. This has the potential to synchronize the inhabitant consciousness to blend with that of the planet as a whole. Perhaps this will allow you to begin to understand why we belabour the point of the importance of the parenting cells being of the consciousness that will produce this blending vibratory ratio. There shall be a quickening of the latent emotional connections to the planetary consciousness, not to the suffering on her part because of mankind's infliction of selfishness and greed, but to the area of conscious desire for change to a new and different experience. Remember this is not the first civilization to experience here and you do not know the history of these previous scenarios. Just as you experience and learn, so also is this repeated in the evolution of the planet as a whole. Here you begin to see the damming up of energy that is occurring now. When a hole in this dam is released in a direction that the whole of this energy can blend into cohesively, then there can be a release that will flush away the infection and bring about a healing of marvellous proportion. Just as a journey begins with the first step, so also this begins with the tiny hole in the dam by the formation of the first cells of the birthing process.

It is not yet clear exactly what the planetary involvement will be as it depends upon the blend of energy that parents the part of the process that is contributed by humanity. It is the key that unlocks the whole of the project. We, of course, have observed various scenarios of possible energy combinations similar to your computer projections and find that each brings forth a vastly different combination of possible reactions. Each leads to a similar end conclusion, not only in different combinations of similar elements, actions and reactions, but in different elements, actions and reactions entirely. Therefore definite conclusions cannot be made even from this prospective. Isn’t that interesting? We think so. Thus, once the selections are made and the first cells begin to act in the creation of the possible "dream" scenarios it still will not be possible to project much of clarity until it, the dream scenario, becomes clear in the minds of these groups as a whole.

Can we guide this process based on our test projections? We wish we could, but that would be unacceptable interference. In this case, the guidance will have to come from a higher Source than we are. There is little doubt that the Highest of High is most interested in what is happening here and that Source will be available for exactly the help needed. These miniature planetary think tanks will be allowed to play with possibilities, but the request for High Source help will no doubt have much powerful input into the completion of the process. I can assure you that this level knows mankind to its very core and will guide the process, but there must first be the movement beyond desire into active thought projection for the purpose of manifesting this new experience. After the creative dreaming of possibilities, then follows the purposeful focus process to place the skeletal outline in place. The great reward will be the painting in of the details with the experience of that which you will have created. The joy of this part of the process shall be wonderful indeed



The mantra of this project must be "In God We Trust!" You cannot trust manifested mass conscious beliefs. The seeds of death for your fellow human beings are beyond the planted seed stage and into sprouting and rapid growth. There is but one "salvation" from this trap. It is in the service to and total trust in the way through this situation. There is not a way out; there is only the way through. The subtle difference is not apparent, but is indeed of great importance. Out implies resistance, through implies movement through toward a greater goal lying beyond. Just as one does not get out of a mountain pass, but must move through it, so must you identify with the subtly different application. Mankind falls into the dream of a great leader being raised up in consciousness to "lead" them out of this or any other dilemma. It cannot be. It must be by the inspiration of visualizing a way of Life that fills the empty void of their consciousness that the political, scientific and religious dogma of the past and present has brought to each. The realization that only by their desire to participate, following a personal conscious decision, will lead them through this experience to what awaits beyond.

Man is an adventurous being, loving challenge. This desire for personal adventure has been diverted into the false desire for safety, the assurance of limited risk (insurance). Remember the navy posters that appealed to the young men by offering the adventure of sailing to unknown ports, only to end up with wooden guns guarding a metal fenced enclosure such as did Bill Cosby? Military combat is represented as an "adventurous" activity, but it is not on a personal responsibility level. Each activity is planned out not by the individual, but by the layers of officers. Yet military heroes are those that in the moment of need act on their own to accomplish a deed of great risk to themselves. For the public at large risk is left to such things as the risk of death on snowboards, skiing on possible avalanche areas, swimming in possible rip tide areas, climbing steep mountains, etc. These too shall soon be cut off, to further stifle the soul into greater limitation. The pent up feelings are then channelled into destructive outlets of wars, gangs, rape, pillage and other activities contrary to the purposes of manifested Life. This leads mankind from its original purpose of finding the connection and the path of return to the Creator.

You already know this, so of what point is this discussion? This is so that you might recognize the feelings that are prevalent, especially with the young people. What change is experienced when you remember that there is a plan to lead the human experience in the opposite direction, into the Promised Land of true personal adventure in dealing within the realms of personal self. This is what is being experienced in the greater manifested reality. It is but an enlarged mirror image of what is taking place within.

The identified 300 are but 300 focused tricks of these distorted egos given free rein through the manipulation of their minds. All effort has been made to assist individuals on the personal level to realize this. Now, the manifestation of the "evil" (misunderstanding and misuse) must be dealt with by the extreme method of bringing forth a movement to halt this process on the same level as has been achieved by the misused egos of the dark ones. This has occurred by the process of the ego empowering itself into areas contrary to its purpose. This process has reached proportions of imbalance, which endanger the integrity of the Galaxy/Universe. Extreme measures have been sanctioned by the Creator to bring this back into balance. Because of the Love of the Creator for his fragments, all possible means to return these into equilibrium is being made. Some shall indeed be denied manifested Life experience for what you would term long periods of time, as many opportunities to turn from their focus of separation have been given them. Others shall continue their lessons in other situations for they are but innocently duped during the experience they chose by incarnating here.

Those who have true intent and purpose shall move through the experience by their choices of participation within bringing forth this manifestation of the new creation scenario. This group-focused demonstration will carry a power of transformation that shall be thrilling indeed. It is a gift of the Creator. This shall be a blessing and a gift of Grace through a profound Love focus beyond all previous experience. Through this shall the raising of this planet occur, its transcendence shall ripple outward through all of creation allowing new levels of experience. The transcending participants will enjoy the rewards of participating within this completion. The mercy and grace available within the Loving focus of the Creator is included within the infinity of "His" Love. The finite mind is unable to fathom this, but there shall be an expansion of the ability to encompass this to a greater degree within this focus of human experience and expression within the changing of the dimensions. But even the dimensions shall change through this scenario so that all consciousness shall be thrilled by new experience and be further awakened.

Now, does the greeting "Welcome to the winning side" carry new meaning? Indeed! The intent of these messages is to deepen the resolve and to give all possible support to the tasks upon your plates. May your hearts be inspired to continue your devoted participation with the blessings of all beings of Light involved in this project. Your bible has a saying, "and she pondered this in her heart." An apt way of putting it. May you open your consciousness to experience the Love that surrounds, inspires and protects you on this day! Indeed!


We find it interesting that the forces of evil are putting forth a dual effort. The ethnic and racial differences between individuals and groups are being stressed and agitated while at the same time you are being forced into a "one world government". This, of course, is not without planning. It is for the purpose of creating chaos and confusion within the psyche. In actuality, this serves our purposes also. It is a great deal easier to create change from chaos than it is to bring it about within a stable, static environment. There are a great many planets that are highly developed within the adaptation and adoption of the Universal Laws. If this is such a wonderful state, then the question is why focus the opportunity of transcendence of such magnitude as is being hinged upon this process through a planet that is in the gross experience of this one. The answer is that it is the chaotic energy that offers the greatest potential for this particular process. That which you call God has not "created" your dilemma, but it is His Creation and certainly he can participate in the potential that it offers, much to your benefit we might add.

We are offering as many perspectives to this situation as possible, so that you might have as much understanding as possible. It is necessary that you rise above the stressful awareness that much suffering is being experienced by many of your fellow human beings that have incarnated upon this planet now. This is so that you can perceive from a level of perception that will allow you to have a "God’s eye" view from which to conceive your plans. The conception of the "one world government" by the opposition also serves a purpose. Many of the incarnated beings have indeed put aside the nationalistic views they once had and are thinking in terms of global inclusiveness. The project plan will be one that will appeal to more than those of the USA. Of necessity it must be a plan of planetary scope. Necessarily, its beginning is focused here, but the total picture must be of global intent.

There will be a particular intensity of chaos that will be the pivotal time for change, either for them or for us. Thus the timing for the creation and birthing into the awareness of this plan or dream as we have previously called it is critical. In the nebulous unformed stage of the process, the word dream seems more appropriate in that a plan indicates something already in thought form. This is not yet the case and also keeps it in the mindset of a more playful and creative format. It does not carry the heavy responsibility emphasis for the participating groups. It is intended to promote as much possibility thinking in the broadest possible ways. In the beginning phases, there must be no thoughts of boundaries. Remember that we are not to consider the actions or the reactions of the other side. We are going to be dreaming within little known possibilities; therefore all things are possible. The contingent plans of the other side can only work in their known reality. You are going to be setting up a reality that is far outside anything that they have even considered. It is this level of creativity that we are striving to encourage you to reach. This is creativity that will supersede and stretch beyond the current reality. Can you do this? Of course! Why do you think we tried out possible contingency plans? These are available for you in the etheric fields, not for the intention of you to choose one of them, but merely as beginning points for you to exercise your imaginations. Remember your imagination is the entry point to the "mind of God" which is infinite potentiality. The invocation of His Presence when "two or more are present", is true to the degree you limited ones have not yet perceived.

Any preconceived ideas individual members of these groups may have considered are to be used only as beginning points. No applicable possibility has as yet been conceived. This may challenge some egos in the early stages of participation, but this is a critical time in the education of egos. These observer parts of 3rd dimensional existence must be encouraged to enter into the imaging process and through this they will experience their true purpose. Even the ego will find joy within this process for in experiencing its true role it shall desire to experience more of this joy. Indeed, it is not an entity of separate identity, but is a very active aspect of the human experience that has received far too much emphasis within the complex union of Soul extension energies. Yet we must credit this distortion with the creation of this planetary opportunity, so from that perspective, this activity has contributed in its own unique way. God can turn anything into a purposeful synergy to benefit the whole. More faith on the part of mankind to the reality of this Truth would be of great assistance to them in this project.

The understanding of how individuals experiencing this incarnation fit into the cosmic scheme of things is a little like reading a corporate organization chart. However, this one would be amazingly complex for you to understand in totality for it does not follow the logical responsibility pattern of heavy at the top. Can you conceive of equality from top to bottom of something that has no top and no bottom? Stretches the logic of it, does it not? Does it make sense? Of course it does when linear sequence is not an essential parameter. How could a group accomplish anything without sequence being necessary? Quite well I assure you. How can things manifest without a beginning or an end? Amazingly, you think that it must begin as it appears in the formation of the baby. What appears to be the process in 3rd dimension begins in the etheric. The unseen part of the process is a complete being and already exists at the moment of conception. From completeness in one dimension, it manifests in your reality. A flower was not brought into manifestation from a plant cell, but was conceived in its wholeness not only in appearance, but also in process.

Will your group be responsible for the conception of the process of what needs to be accomplished to change this earthly dilemma? Why do you think so many "etheric" beings are present? We are here to help you with the unseen processes needed. Once the skeletal outline is in place, in a form that will bring the desired results, then you will not be able to imagine the activity that will take place, all focused toward a "splendid moment of creation." Are you being supported through this process? You had better believe it. But—it all hangs on the initiation by humanity of actively creating its own destiny through changing its perception of the ideal, in fact because of the chaos and confusion, in the creation of an ideal.

May the energy that awaits the initiation of the process in small part fill your experience. You are much appreciated and all possible support encompasses you this day. Be of good cheer as you go about your seemingly mundane tasks. Nothing in the lives of humans shall remain mundane for long.


The energies as projected by those that would ensnare the inhabitants of earth in its plans to change the destiny of this planet moves in ever tightening circles as they attempt to incorporate the wheels within wheels that constitute a partial understanding of the cycles of creation. They are, oh so, careful to check each cog so that none are out of sequence. Linear thought is still the basis of their game for there is no spiraling toward evolutionary change. Evolution is the term given to change in your language. There is a lack of understanding what the process is. What are they evolving toward? The enslavement of the remaining population is the goal, but for what purpose? A stagnant Utopia? What makes them think that the Universe could or would support them in that process? To rebel against the process of creation is one possibility, but to maintain themselves outside of the focus of Creation would incorporate an ever-escalating process within its totality, and it is doomed to failure. To hijack a planet is one thing; to create an anti-universe is indeed grandiose, for there would be no other way. From where would that kind of energy come? Do they plan to hijack an entire universe? I doubt that which you call God is so impotent as to allow that.

Again I say "welcome to the winning side!" This may seem impossible to believe in view of the above comments. From one perspective that kind of arrogance is humorous. Of course it is not for those experiencing the day to day flexing of the muscles of their power and viewing it from the basis of 3rd dimensional experience. To bring a transition in the human consciousness, the largest view possible is necessary for those who would envision this change. Perhaps change is not the best term, for it implies merely readjusting that which already exists. This has been tried before in other opportunities to outwit the adversary. Obviously it didn’t work or you would not be facing this situation. This time you must go a step farther in your refusal to play the game according to their rules. You must change your tactics completely so as to cause their plans to be as impotent as they have schemed to make you. You must transcend those plans. Much ado has been made for "ascending" and for "rapture’’. Well, this indeed shall be our version of that, accept "Jesus" will not do it for you. You must do more than claim to be a "Christian". It will not be necessary to get your hands dirty in the blood of your enemy. Neither shall you be required to turn the other cheek and look away as he does as he wills, for you shall have plans of your own that will employ God’s methods that you have until now forgotten. The Armageddon of their vision shall never occur. There shall be an Armageddon, but it shall be played out on a different field and there shall be no conflict as has been envisioned for you.

Your desire for delivery and your will to thwart these puffed up antagonists to Creation shall be guided to fruition along paths of remembering. This shall bring forth the elements of the spiral of evolution that are missing from their carefully laid plans. Fear not, for you have on your side the energies that create solar systems, galaxies, universes and cosmos, indeed All That Is. Could you ask for more support? It is not that it has been lacking during the previous opportunities, but that the cleverness and focus of the antagonists have planned carefully to bring this action to a planned point of implementation at the moment of coinciding cycles. This they believe to be a point of vulnerability. Indeed, however, at those points of cycle endings, the Creator has planned opportunity for His holographic fragments to take advantage of the spiral acceleration that is potentially present. Attention is energetically focused toward that process which allows for those who will to take advantage of the opportunity.

This has been a very simplistic explanation of this unique situation. Indeed history will be written in the annals of this planet. The pot boils, the steam builds and the Universe holds its breath as the moment approaches. Could the process fail? No, but the degree of advantage taken within the opportunity shall affect all within this Universe. Remember that the Creator focus uses all within the flow of ever moving energy in Creation. Chaos is especially pregnant with opportunity for change. It is not to put pressure on you that this knowledge is being shared, but to add to your understanding of the opportunity that is being brought into the situation that appears so hopeless. You must have your eyes open and use your ability to observe and analyze the actions that are taking place about you. The avatars of the past have planted the seeds of understanding that lie dormant within human awareness. It is time to stimulate these seeds into sprouting and growth toward a maturation of 3rd dimensional experience. Those that can accept this stimulation will and those who cannot shall be given other opportunities. Shall any fragments be destroyed? All fragments of the Creator’s awareness must be accounted for. Those aspects that have chosen to experience extreme imbalance are put into a space that is something like exile. It is not a burning hell as used to frighten you into submission, but in a space of separation to consider and to contemplate. Beyond knowing that this experience exists, it is unnecessary to know more for it is between those and their own inner Spirit.

Will those that brought this to bear and those that choose not to share the opportunity be judged? Judgement has been a word used to conjure up failure and guilt. Release that concept. It is another of the tools used to control you, for instead at the closure of this experience there is a releasing process. A review and a time for the Soul (source of each human focused into experience) to assimilate these experiences into the matrix of its totality. The experiencing focus cannot measure the impact of its life experience upon the matrix of the totality of that which focused it. It is that which focuses contemplating itself. It would be self-condemnation for judgment to take place. Self-condemnation does not exist in higher dimensions. There is a world of difference between self-condemnation and Self-contemplation. Condem-nation and judgement are synonyms.

This message is given in Love. It is for enlightenment within the experience of communion with the flow of Creation. It is intended to bring you to the awareness of being within its flow. That is exactly where you are.


A new day begins in the lives of those residing upon this planet! Does this sound beyond imagination? No indeed! The desire for what is entirely different creates a new vibratory opening. This indicates there have been others who have contemplated this possibility. The pieces of the puzzle have not been in their proper places before. In order for the chances of success to be at their greatest potential, certain sequential events and circumstances must be in pivotal positions. The mass consciousness of the planet has to reach a particular level of both the knowledge of the truth and a level of frustration within the feelings of resistance to recognizing the changes coming upon them. There is present within those with the advantage of media communication the awareness of the repressive process, but as yet they are in the denial stage. Even that is giving way to the suffocating feeling of the Inner Presence that is being psychically repressed.

You think of this as being a mind control game they are playing, but I tell you it is deeper than that. It is designed to imprison the Inner-Self, which then causes the brain to slow, and the mental sleep process appears as a symptom. If it were only a process of stupor at the mind level, then you could have all been drugged into sleep long ago. That is not the object of the process. What would that prove to the Creator? What is at stake is the proof of superiority through the capture and diversion of the Soul energy and the enslavement of those of particular energy matrix. At a certain point of the negative plan, those who have served them so faithfully will be among the first to be abandoned for they have already proved their corruptibility. Their ideal slave has a different matrix entirely.

If the plan is to continue the game into larger foci of power, then of what use are sleeping slaves? How then do the planners of this escapade locate the ones of value to them? Would it be the ones that do not fall under the spell of their concerted efforts? Just whom do you think that identifies? Indeed, the stakes are high for each of you personally. Does this description fit? Why else have you been allowed to continue in the business of pointing fingers at who they are and what they are doing? These comments are not to instill fear into you, but to give you the greatest possible understanding of the situation that is now in front of you, indeed upon your plates. You have no place to go accept through this experience.

This is a short message, but it is one to be added to the previous knowledge. Let us considerate it the leavening of the bread to lift your intent to an even greater focus. Know that all this is given with the greatest of Love, for you are more valuable to the Light than to them. You are our key to the lock that now holds the totality of this planet in prison.

No. 15

There is within the organization of those with negative intentions for this planet and their contacts with the extra-terrestrials masterminding the entirety of this planned raping of Earth, a good deal of miscommunication. Each has their separate agenda. Each has plans of reaching their clandestine goals at the expense of the other. Herein lies a vulnerable point in their coordinated effort. It is like two pieces in a puzzle that almost, but not quite fit together Inasmuch as we look at situations in terms of holographic energy composites or matrix pictures, we are able to determine points of vulnerability. So, the point of this is that there is not a united effort within their reality of experience.

The second weakness in their methodology is that of feeding upon the negative energy that is created by the competition that is encouraged within their organization. When a weak link or defection is found or manufactured within the members of their groups, there is almost a feeding frenzy upon that departing energy. It is far more satisfying to them than the same event happening to one of the uninvolved human beings. There is more of their own energy to feed the void of separation that must be maintained in order to continue on their path. They do "eat up" the competition of sporting events. It is this point of clandestine divergence of purpose that is the major object of our attention. This opportunity is just that, our opportunity. Many scenarios to use this to our advantage have been considered. As yet no exact technique has been established, but several possibilities would accomplish the exact effect necessary. What we are saying here is that though your spearheading action is the key in the lock, there are forces at play here that are stacked up behind a dam that holds back energies that dwarf your ability to imagine them. Do not under estimate the importance of your role however, for it is the trigger that releases this energy build up. The forces of Creation are hardly impotent, however they must work within the Laws that create and maintain all of Creation, the magnitude of which only the Energies that allow the potential for creation can encompass. It is as if there is a holding of the breath until your freewill participation begins the shift in the flow of energies.

We on the one hand must encourage and guide you in your desire to fulfill your purpose and assist you to be ready to act so that you can participate in the flow of events that will manifest as this flood of energies is released into movement. Thus we are something like your sports coach, always with our game plan, but having to adjust and figure ways of compensating for the fluctuations in your synchronistic interactions, the movements and intentions of the adversary forces and the freewill aspects of manifested experience. Unfortunately we don’t have any recognition for sainted patience in this level of experience. Neither do we have hair to pull out when you surprise us with your personal decisions. The degree of commitment to the changing of the destiny of the planet from how it is now moving, is our only organizational drawing power. The personal motive of the participating individuals is the primary element for inclusion in the beginning consideration of choice of contact. Then other elements of character must be considered. "Blabber mouths" must of course be excluded, but they are not likely to be "available". The last statement may seem a bit crude coming from our dimension of allowance, however it is necessary to make that point clear.

There are many levels of information yet to be considered. Until the primary contacts and discussions are begun, it would be impossible to go further with a cohesive formation of directions for you. There are no planned shots in the dark so to speak. Even your contributions to the totality of this change in your reality must fit within the confines of the Laws of this Universe and of Creation. The Law of Attraction is at the foundation of all other Laws. You shall see this in the coming together of the essential beginning groups and in the final assembly that shall be the cornerstone of this new evolution of experience. Within this pregnant combination of consciousness shall this conception and movement into the birthing process be possible. It is often quoted that there are no accidents, however the freewill ingredient within the evolutionary process certainly contains the seeds of both endless diversity and the leavening of the mix.

We come to the end of this portion of our continuing dialog as this process proceeds in an accelerating mode. Your days are blessed with synchronicity and healing. Love and Light are showered upon you in great amounts in appreciation of your commitment.

No. 16

The time, in your way of reckoning, is coming into a critical numbers of days. We prefer to see it as sequential events. But, since the knowledge of what these events might be is not available to you, time will have to be your way of being aware. We shall try to coordinate time/event correlation with regard to those events that are important for you to be aware of. At the moment, the contact between the parenting groups is the focus of the moment. As things progress, we shall give you such information as is appropriate. The methods of contact between the members must be in such a way that no clear pattern is apparent and the language used must be very vague. As we have mentioned before, certain words must not be used and certainly none consistently. Many of these people have their own pet names for those we often discuss. It would be well to avoid using these, but merely to allude to them or better yet not refer to them at all. This will help to prevent triggering the watch dog systems that monitor you on a regular basis. All systems of contact are monitored. You would do well to get accustomed to that understanding. The more recent that a method has come into use, the more easily it is monitored. Unfortunately wire and tomato soup cans just can’t fill the bill, so it is with thought and caution that you must use your communication devices. The dilemma of face to face meetings is that if you meet in a public place you will be noticed and if you begin to meet in a clandestine way, you will be noticed. This begins to sound like one of your spy movies, but things are as they are. At this point of course, there is no problem, but as there begins to be meetings among those of you who are apt members of this project, two and two will begin to make sense to them. The "ball" must be passed onward and outward with little return contact regarding the project in a repetitious fashion. No one person or group of persons is to shepherd the project.

All future meetings for business or personal reasons must purposefully exclude any reference whatever to this project. Phone calls, etc. must not be for the purpose of comparing notes. At a certain time the appropriate group shall come together for one meeting in which the ideas for this future experience of mankind shall be blended together. A simple statement of purpose will arrive at identifying the new genre of experience as the focus of this project. This is the time that the choices of to whom the baton is passed must be carefully contemplated by each person and small group. Then each is to make their contact and the purpose explained in a face to face situation where it will be most difficult to be intercepted. Choosing within spur of the moment decisions of appropriate places is best. Your private offices are probably the worst. As I have pointed out before, you are considered entities with special talents and so are of special interest to them. Do not underestimate your stature in their eyes. We know of no other way to remind you of these parameters without setting the stage like a cloak and dagger movie, yet as this is but indeed as a play upon one small stage of Creation, perhaps that is not at all inappropriate. So—play your parts well. Just remember that your timing might not be as perfect as is Bruce Willis’ in the movies.

This will come as perhaps a little late since the first of the meetings will have already happened, but that which is focused into this message has already been made known to each of the contacts through other levels of knowing within unconscious awareness. It shall be known to set this parameter. Other levels of your awareness are being instructed in this process as well as in this way.

We are pushing you, but once the process has begun, it shall move more quickly than you imagine for the pressure builds. The understanding of the hell that is planned for each and every human spirit shall cause the focus of a new paradigm to appeal to each contact at a spiritual level to a profound degree. A desire to participate and to help with the solution to the planetary dilemma will be like letting go of a long held breath within the spirit of each. An overwhelming gratefulness shall bring forth the action necessary, for it said, "God loves a grateful heart". This is true and much can be accomplished through this emotion. It causes an uplifting of the spirit. Certainly those of you who have been in service through the spreading of the Truth to your fellow human beings can use an uplifting. As the acceptance of the future planned for this planet has come into your understanding, the failure of the people to grasp this and their refusal to believe its existence, has caused you to face many a discouraging hour. But, you have each continued on with your spreading of the Truth. Isn’t this a glorious change of focus?

The understanding that at long last there is a way, a plan to take shape and the forces of Creation are indeed here to give help. This shall be a pivotal point within each consciousness that will bring a change of attitude and will begin to draw in multitudes of awakening people. It is not that the message of the Truth of what is present and surrounding them will be different at this stage, but there will be a certain underlying attitude that will be the first trip of a trigger to each listening awareness. It will begin to be discussed and the message passes from one to another in a gathering momentum. No longer will it be limited to only those who listen to the talk shows and lectures. Those who have read and informed themselves shall be asked to inform and explain. Faithful tellers of the awful tale, you are the avatars of this time! But in the new paradigm victim/martyrdom has no place. It is not in the plan to allow that pattern to continue.

This information is for your consideration. May your experience be filled with synchronicities and loving encounters.

No. 17

When the group consciousness came together to create the earth experience as a flow of Creation, the freewill element within the framework was given particular emphasis with the desire to allow the creative element to be given free rein. The hope was that this special emphasis would allow a blossoming of what you might term a utopian experience within the Universal Laws. It was not contemplated that the opposite would be created within the context of this focus. The joy of abundance was seen as a result of the proper placement of those laws at the center of the experience. Instead, the result was that the abundance of materiality became the focus and the concept of "the end justifies the means" became the framework of the distorted use of the Universal Laws.

If the distorted version of the Laws that indeed govern existence in this Universe of projected Thought is all that are known, then how do you create your way through this experience into a new paradigm which is in harmony with the totality of all that does exist in balance? This is the crux of the dilemma. If the earthly focus were created within a group focus, it would seem that a return to that beginning point would be the place to move toward. Picture as a beginning point, a small group of dots coming together into a single larger dot, then this dot expanding outward into a bubble with a focus point in the middle. All of this is within an expanding movement. Next see that bubble as starting to change shapes and become an elongated shape which continues to distort into various configurations until it is seems to be coming to a bursting point as more and more pressure is focused toward that point. Now, in your imagination, how would you return that configuration to a perfect circle? Think back to the way the circle was created in the first place and repeat the process. Isn’t that what we have been recommending? You need not be all knowing upper dimensional beings to do this, for as you come together with the intention of creating this return to balance, you need but invoke the creative process to receive guidance. Believe us when we say that it is through your concerted intention that this distortion will be brought into balance.

It is the mass consciousness that controls the shape of the bubble. It exists within a flowing movement of the thoughts of all. As the negative pressure is purposefully pushing the mass consciousness to conform to its distorted thought forms, which are contrary to what supports the existence of the bubble, the mass consciousness begins to react. Certain available connections to the Source of each individual component of mass consciousness begin to enliven, to resonate as if being irritated by this pressure. The awareness of this reaction is causing more pressure to be applied through the methods that have brought the situation to the place that it is now. Think in terms of the bursting point on the bubble. If this bubble were to react, as would one of your balloons, this point would begin to thin and become more vulnerable. What if instead this point which consists of thought which thinks, would instead thicken and react in ways contrary to the apparent laws of the material world? Remember that thought thinking within itself couldn’t accept thought that does not fit within the context of creation. Thought contrary to Creation is directional only by focus in what you might think of as requiring great effort. It cannot be released to complete the creation on its own. Thus this process requires that every contingency must be considered and contained within the plan or added to the plan which would then in turn affect the whole of the plan. Do you think this is possible when compared to the realm of thought that can think within itself and know every contingency in less than the blink of an eye? This all thinking thought has one incredible restriction called the "freewill" of the participants. However, when the freewill of the participants comes into resonance through intent and purpose, then indeed all "Creation" breaks loose, so to speak.

Is it as simple as that? What about all the Laws of Creation that have been broken by all those within the mass consciousness? Isn’t each of them required to repent and give up all their erroneous thinking? Come now, isn’t that what experiencing is all about? You have forgotten something. Each of you is thought manifested into 3rd dimensional energy! If thought can think within itself, then do you think that it can do that within each individual? It can, but it has the one restriction of "freewill". However, the desire to move through this experience and return this planet as a whole to its rightful place within the Creation is a "freewill" decision. When an internal boiling point is reached within each consciousness by the pressure being applied, don’t you think that there shall be a call within each for help from their Creator? There is a point when those who are under the spell of religions that require an intermediary to their God will bypass that belief and undertake a call within themselves that shall awaken the understanding of their true connection. When that reaches a critical level, then that shall join in the new point of focus being formed at the center of the real circle (bubble) of existence which within Creation has always existed. It is a matter of identifying with the real bubble and not the one that is this play on the stage of the mass consciousness.

If that is the case, then why the big deal? Because the play is reality for the mass consciousness and in their freewill it is real and the continued existence of these Soul extensions is in danger of extreme damage with reaction that cannot be explained in 3rd dimensional terms. It is a matter of the realization by enough of these extensions that another reality is within their ability to identify and claim. Perhaps your greeting should be "Welcome to the winning side. Let us identify and claim!"

No. 18

The day begins anew as your planet turns on its axis and mankind sleeps on under the influence of the forces of darkness. Their plans seem to move in an inexplicable focus of disaster and only those few faithful ones appear to be awake and recording the movement of doom upon this lovely world of green and blue. The magic of the beauty becomes blurred and the very home upon which you depend is shutting down around you and still, if noticed, it is ignored. The final days descend into the abyss while your TV, sports and potions of sleep drug you figuratively and literally.

What now can you few do to stem the tide of blackness as it deepens more and more quickly? Shall we recount again all that you already know and groan and beat upon our breasts, as did the prophets of old and cry out for "God" to save us? Millions are already doing that to a Creator they think ignores their cries to answer their prayers. It is in the perception of victims that desire rescuing that they ask and cannot receive answers to such prayers. Indeed, only those prayers that ask for empowerment within the framework of Creation can be answered. Do you think that the stars stay up in your heavens by casual request of a god being? Indeed not! They are there within the design of balance and mathematical laws that underpin All That Is. Man continues in his mindless begging and blocks the very help he desires by being unwilling to participate except in ways that are contrary to the very Laws that support his unhappy existence. The story of these Laws surrounds them in what remains of nature, but in his misery he blinds himself. The scientific learned ones analyze the components but not the process of Life within the manifested structures of Life that surround them. The mental analysis of the mind deludes him into arrogant belief of his superiority over his surroundings rather than his brotherhood and kinship within it. How can those be helped that are becoming more and more blind to the very process within which they exist?

The victim cannot be rescued, but must pull himself up by his own boot straps and rescue himself by being responsible for his own rescue. Man is made in the essence of his Source. He is a tiny holograph of this Source. A holograph is a tiny fragment of the whole that has the potentiality of projecting the whole from which it came. Though the concept of the holograph has been encompassed in part, it has not been "analyzed" with application to the essence of Life that is within all self-aware beings. It is the refocusing of this fragment toward its source of existence that determines the degree of the totality of the Source that is brought forth into the known reality of each fragment’s experience.

If you consider the degree of the focus that has brought forth the planet Earth from the fragment of its Source, you can begin to get the picture. Look at the magnificence of the human body that is the vehicle of your experience here. A vehicle capable of housing a self-awareness that can contemplate its Source if it but will, because that Source contemplates itself and in so doing fragments Itself so that it can further contemplate Itself through manifestation of experience. Within it is the freewill to do this. Since freewill is the vehicle for this contemplation, then it is manifest within each holographic fragment. This freewill allows for all experience within a further enhancement of this Self-contemplation process. This is the polarity that enables the recognition of that which serves the contemplation process and that which does not, so that the balance of these allows the completion of each exploration into the return of the fragment originally projected to its Source. To follow this process as presented, there is a spiral of understanding as this is contemplated by the mind reading this information. Each fragment returns itself to the Source that projected it. Thus you are lead to understand the framework of the process you are within, for each of you are a holographic fragment of the Source of all that is in the process of self-contemplation. Ah, panic, you will become as nothing if you follow the path of the return. Indeed not! With each returning phase toward the Source of your entry into experience, your own self-awareness grows and it becomes greater and greater until you have the absolute potential to being a total equal within the greater Totality of that Source contemplating Itself.

Does that boggle your finite minds? Indeed it should not. It should be the most comforting news that you have ever encompassed. Could there ever be a brighter picture of your future ever painted? What possible pleasures could ever compete with a future like that? Let me assure you that there are no fleeting pleasures of the body incarnate that can compare with those that await you as the fragmentary self-awareness begins to ascend the spiral of experience toward the ultimate goal. The problem is bridging the gulf of misunderstanding that has been set as a trap by ones that have become caught up in the distorted misuse of the aspect of freewill. These pitiful ones have become so caught up as to perceive themselves as powerful enough to reach not only total equality with the Totality of the Source of All, but that they can reach a place of Superiority. Even the distorted psychiatric paradigm of your time would consider this insanity if they could but encompass the scheme in its totality.

Within this distorted power grab, it is necessary to have a distorted replica of the process. A counter part to that which exists. Humanity is but one building block of this, for they cannot create from a negative potentiality. Try as they have, it will not work, so they are left with the process of converting what already exists from what you would term positive into its opposite, a negative counterpart. Now, this is not a recent event in your linear counting process. How much have they accomplished? So as not to overwhelm you completely, let us say that it has reached a critical stage. To allow it to continue would jeopardize more of manifested experience by the Source than is comfortable. Enough to bring a focus of the awareness of this "awesome totality" of Source to bear upon the problem. The potentiality of this Focus for bringing balance back into the totality of the process as explained above is awesome to contemplate, even within the limits of 3rd dimensional perception.

We have attempted to explain before that there is help available, that it is powerful and have even understated it. However, the key to the release of this awesome force lies within that which has created the situation in the first place. FREEWILL! If you were not of exceptional value beyond being the vehicle of change, other means of ending this could be employed. The fragment from which each and every individual fragment of that Focus is a portion must be accounted for in order for the balance of all to be maintained. You cannot be simply written off. That would create a flaw that would cause unacceptable repercussions. All fragments must return to the Source from which they were focused (projected) in order for that Source to remain in the balance of wholeness. That is not to say that those that have perpetrated this distorted experience to the extreme will not have some interesting educational experiences, for certainly they shall. Your perception of time does not allow you to contemplate such a process, so do not attempt to do so.

It is important that you gather into your awareness the wholeness of this situation so that you can begin to contemplate the understanding that even those of darkest behavior patterns are valuable to the Source that you call God. They are a part of the totality of all that the word Source implies. Simply telling you that they are a part of "All That Is" has not brought with it comprehension that encompasses the necessary understanding and so another approach to it has been attempted here. A back to basics lesson in your vernacular. Let us hope that this has now been accomplished. If not, perhaps the re-reading of this will bring it about. It is not that we wish a softening of your attitude toward what is being perpetrated which would further their negative cause, but that you understand why simply destroying the whole experiment is not an option, or why just messing up their plans is not enough. The Source, the Big Boss, wants it resolved and who are we to argue? We have this key issue to resolve. So, let us get on with it.

No. 19

Around the world there is a greater and greater feeling of unrest. The intuitive aspects of each being begin to awaken for the energy atmosphere of the planet is resonating with the focus of attention placed upon this single planet by the entire galaxy. Your fellow awake and aware co-inhabitants are certainly noticing what is going on here. This is different from the suffocating direct manipulative energies that are being diffused upon your conscious awareness. The galactic attention is coming through energies too subtle to be picked up by mechanistic methods in use by those of focused dark intent. The opposition must attain its ends by employing methods of suppression of the natural expansive movement of thought within manifested form. What is flowing into your mass consciousness from the galaxy that surrounds you is of a natural expansive quality. It is received within the awareness and then follows its expansive nature and arrives exponentially outward into conscious awareness as dreams and sleep patterns that are not restful. The governing factor with regard to the receiving of this galactic message is the degree to which the inner awareness of each individual being has been suppressed. How slow is the vibratory rate of the being? Can it still receive the stimulation of the higher and more rapid vibration of this galactic thought form? This is not a message of condolence that is being sent by sympathetic individuals. That is a trick of the lower dark energies, another of their suppression techniques. Rather, this is a focus of stimulation so that the receptors of Light which hold each in focus may be returned to greater use.

So you begin to see that there are two foci of energy in motion one of suppression and one of stimulation. We prefer not to use terminology of war here, but it can be noted that the "battle" for this planet is already underway. Not as depicted with carnage everywhere being created by both sides, but in the claiming and the retaining of Soul energies. The one side is planning for many, the other for all. Remember, if one tiny unit of energy is truly destroyed, then the totality of all is lost. The Source of All That Is is expansive in nature. The energy can change form through what appears to be the rise and fall, the birth and death of form, but the energy that is at the very basis of this phenomenon is always present.

A polarity always exists within the format of this ever-present energy, however it does not have to be present in the format of what you perceive as evil, dark forces. That opposite polarity is another subject. What you must understand is that what appears to be the opposite polarity in the experience of planet Earth is an aberration, a distorted use of this polarity in energy. It is the exception, not the norm.

The more clearly that you understand what is available to you within the context of this situation, the more easily you will be able to maintain the focus on your purpose within energies that are in motion around and through you. It is easier to succumb to the energies of suppression in some moments of your time than to maintain your focus upon the stimulating energies that are acting within you. The "battle" is not upon the surface of the planet as you have been told, but it is within the individual awareness and it is by definition also within the planetary awareness. It is either understood or misunderstood, that within the planetary awareness, the minds of humanity in combination is the conscious awareness of the planet itself. Therefore the transformation of the planet, earned by her through her repeated motherhood of evolving civilizations, hinges upon the transformation of her current resident civilization. You can begin to understand that the unity of this evolvement process brings forth the potential for misuse. This inner coagulation of energetic purpose is organized for the process of transcendence. The polar opposite conceived one world suppression rather than planetary expansive transformation into higher dimensional (vibratory) experience.

With the presence of so much heavy energy thought exchange between the planetary inhabitants, mind to mind exchange of conceptual understanding, has reached very low ebb. This has resulted in a proliferation of mechanized communication, each representing the abilities once in common use by you without a manifested device to make it possible. With the rapid advance of these technologies (devices) through the focus on heavy slow vibratory manifestation, what appears to be marvelous advancement is indeed quite the opposite. It represents a loss of ability to focus the formative, expansive use of the power of thought inherent within all Creation. Slight of mind is at work again diverting your attention from the potentiality of creating outward from within through the use of the outer mind activity of analysis and manipulation of your manifested reality. The natural flow would be toward the exploration of the inner awareness and manifesting outward into your realities the greater experiences to be found there. Where do you think the greater people serving ideas come? Instead these are being twisted into people suppressing uses right before your eyes while you fail to observe what is at work. All the while you are watching the show being staged, diverting your attention.

So, now the fun begins in earnest. You are making your final attempts to reach the inner awareness of as many as possible through the last available use of their technologies, but you are also beginning to join forces with the inner energy stimulation. You too are receiving this stimulation. Indeed you are like the repeater stations that your radio stations use. You are serving multiple purposes and you are perfectly aware of doing this within the inner awareness portions of your totality of experience. Trust the process and hold the pole, so to speak. All is far from lost. Welcome to the winning side! Focus and manifest!

No. 20

The glory of your nations fade before your eyes as one by one they are attacked from inside and out. Each is dependent upon the monetary handouts that require handing over mineral rights and other resources as ransom. The money is siphoned off into secret accounts that return to the usurpers as the leaders are deposed or assassinated. The cycles are repeated over and over. The people are abandoned by their governments and so must fend for themselves within situations of less and less available necessities and more and more regulations. Not a pretty picture to behold. So—what now?

Let us again consider possibilities that could bring change to this nightmarish situation. Could it be that the forces behind this situation could be creating causes to culminate this planned suppression of the people of this planet that might involve repercussions that are beyond their ability to control? Could there be small unknown glitches in those plans, which if exploited, could cause outcomes not planned? It is indeed not only possible, but probable. Let us consider Y2K as just one possibility. If indeed all of the technological wonders of the basics of power, water, communications, money, travel, etc. all depend upon computers to operate, then so also must the military and conspiratorial communication systems and other wonderful mechanisms of planned use. All of these were constructed by contract. It is well known that contractors deviate from specifications whenever and where ever it is possible to cut costs. It is entirely possible that at least some "off the shelf" computer chips have been used rather than the special designs that were specified. If those substitutions contain the same date problem as those purposefully in use for creating a chaotic breakdown of your world as you know it now, how will this effect their plans? Since there must be a synergistic exchange of information within computer systems there may well be repercussions within their own separately created system that will cause chaos within chaos. Portions of their plan may deploy, but in order to establish and then maintain complete control, which is their goal, all must proceed according to plan. What if enough of their plan moves into place for the people to realize the truth, but their own internal chaos allows for what we might call melt down from within? What if champions of mankind working within may have deliberately placed glitches within their systems? Interesting to contemplate.

Let us suppose that the above scenario is true. Now we have what might be called double chaos and exposure enough of the enslavement plan to bring humanity awake. This adds a 3rd layer of chaos. Out of all this chaos, how does the balance tip toward survival of humanity and the planet? There is one more element that must be interjected here. What of those extra-terrestrial beings that have been using the power structure they have coached into place? Would the above mentioned chaos serve their purposes? Could they have sabotaged the plans of their own henchmen in order to eliminate them from the game? Do they have in place a plan that overlays the ones that are in place? We might say that the plot thickens.

However, we could thicken it even more, since we are delving into possibilities. When one planet interferes with another to the detriment of the progress of that planet, we have the Universal Law of Attraction at work. Simply stated what you do unto another shall be done unto you. If you interfere with another planet, then you have given permission for other planetary forces to interact with you. Ah-ha! Does the thick plot begin to come into clarity? Let us hope that your heart just skipped a beat, and real hope has been born within your imagination.

We are still left with the dilemma of all that chaos. So, let us give a bit more clarity. Once a planet has been interfered with in a direct way, other than an advisory capacity, the inhabitants of that planet may request help in restoring balance and order. Herein lies the key. Help must be requested and prayer is considered requesting. However, it must be what is called affirmative prayer. Affirmative prayer is entering into the creative mode that is your pattern (made in the likeness and similitude of your Creator). Humanity must actually come forth in a group focus, in a harmonious creative mode within the upward spiral of the development of individual and planetary evolvement. Now, knowing human nature, there will be those who, when they have recovered from the shock, will immediately want to put back into place what is within their comfort zone. They will desire to take advantage of the situation to create another situation of power over the people, for indeed the cry will be for new "leaders". That would not be evolvement. The next level is based upon individual responsibility. Unless that is at the basis of the new paradigm the opportunity for the transcendence of this planet and its inhabitants will be lost.

The importance of an already perceived outline to be the "prayer of requesting help" needs to be in place to supersede any chances of returning to the old. The help you need to bring this into being will then be assured. This help will not be military in any way whatsoever. It will be the Love of the Creator manifested and shall be genuinely welcomed as it shall interact with the Inner Being that is the forgotten direct connection to the Creator. Love connecting and interacting with Love shall bring changes beyond your imagining abilities. It is also appropriate to note that on a planetary level, the planet itself shall have a like experience.

May this information offset your concerns about your futures! Welcome to the winning side! Focus and manifest, indeed!


No. 21

It is time to focus so that emphasis can be centered on the pivotal change necessary for the transition of the project from one phase to the next. This does not indicate that the first phase is already complete. That part, getting the information about the activities of the dark ones, is now in motion. From our point of view in watching energy composites, enough movement in the waking up phase is taking place to ensure its continuation. There are enough focused on getting the word out for it to continue within that momentum. Information is being discussed between people now, by those reading and hearing the information. As you know either by face to face discussion or through your computer Internet chat rooms, etc. the critical ripple effect is beginning. In order to keep the momentum, now that the wake up call is ringing, it is necessary to prepare the next step lest inertia caused by lack of understanding what to do next allows for the onslaught of mind numbing techniques to continue to hold the upper hand.

The next step is the choice of the individual to stand forth in determination to detach from emotion of overwhelm and to observe from a space that is beyond the reach of the control techniques. It seems like a small step, but is critical for it is the beginning of the separation from the herd, so to speak. It is a step that can be accomplished without the danger that physical resistance would present. It is something that can be done in safety without being detected by the apparently fearsome entities that are striving for control. It is also critical in the process of each individual becoming aware that there is a connection to awareness, a part of self that allows for this observation. It triggers the shift within the over stimulated ego function and begins the calming of the ego. This will begin to bring it back into its true intended purpose. This in itself is an empowering experience, for it begins the balance of expression intended in the manifested experience. This is a very critical point. By establishing the observation experience, a change in focus begins to happen in a smooth and easy way.

How is it best to begin to fulfill your assignment? By purposefully practicing the process within yourself you will begin to guide those who are in contact with you that are waking to the knowledge of what is happening all around them. There is a fear element very active in their consideration of this information and how it appears it might affect their lives. It is not easy to contemplate all the marvelous conveniences disappearing from their experience as well as wondering how they will continue to make a living. It spells total poverty to them and so it is easier to keep shoving it to the back of their conscious awareness and not consider it. However, it continues to pop up in to their thoughts like a bobber on a fishing line. It is appropriate then to suggest to them that they stand back from the problem and begin to consider what possibilities there are to use the situation to their advantage. Opportunities will present themselves through barter, trades and other methods yet to be created within the chaotic change period. Since it will be difficult to accumulate material wealth, this will free the creative aspect that is inherent in all fragments of the Creator. Creativeness is the keynote of experience at all levels, otherwise none of us would ever have been "thought" into existence. The key to all of this is asking for help from the focus of thought that brought forth this experience and holds us in it. If it were not for that focus the basic energy blocks (atoms, molecules and cells) would simply fly apart.

It seems difficult to correlate the probability of success for an entire planet. With only a few beginning a shift by simply changing their personal perspective and then encouraging a similar change in those in their sphere of influence, but that is how it is to be done. Just as a long journey begins with the first step, so also is change begun in individual experience. This is especially true when it follows the methodology that is the format for the operation of the Laws that govern manifested Creation. There must first exist something so that energy may be attracted to it. "In the beginning there was the ‘thought’, and the ‘thought’ became flesh (manifest)."

Following the conceptual thought, there must be the desire for it to manifest. To think the thought only does not bring it forth. There must be an emotional desire to provide the fuel for the movement or change of energy from thought into expression. Through coagulation of "attracted" energies, manifestation begins. Form includes more than things; it includes situations, circumstances and stimulation of desire for additional thoughts that support the completion of the desired experience. It is within the Creative impetus once the process is begun to move toward completion when the purpose is in harmony with the Universal Laws. The focus desired must provide freedom within the spiral journey of return to the Source for all that it will affect. When this is the underlying purpose then the Harmonic of Attraction is set in motion with all its subtle power released.

It is well to review the basics when a shift in creative focus is to begin in purposeful action of great magnitude. Each and every change in the destiny of this planet is received with great anticipation to the highest (finest vibratory) level of awareness. Those changes that will lead to the establishment of balance and harmony receive input of supporting energy that strengthens and hastens the process. It would be well to acknowledge this with gratitude as part of your meditations. The attitude of gratitude creates a return flow and allows for greater exchange of this supporting attentive awareness.

Beginning a change within a flow as established as the planned hijacking of this planet, is the most difficult aspect of the project of returning this planet to the safety of harmony and balance. It has required considering responses to the recognition of distorted energies into action, and further to ferret out its source and its purpose. Then that understanding had to be put into written and spoken word and in finding ways to disseminate the information. All of this is to be accomplished within a flow of negative intention that not only is in motion, but also can be compared to a fast moving river. Yet you few are able to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat through intent fueled by desire to save your fellow beings and your planet from being exploited. Now, if we can continue the process with that same level of intent and desire to move many through the information about "them" to the next step, all shall continue toward the desired end result. Much of step one was accomplished without surface consciousness of where the knowledge and understanding of the situation engulfing humanity would lead. It was the need to inform and awaken so that "something" could be done. Thoughts of resistance through the original guidelines for continuing the government of the people  the process. Unfortunately government of the people by the people leads to tyranny in quick succession through many small steps.

Moving beyond into a new paradigm is the next step in the evolvement of the consciousness of humanity. Understanding the ideal of freedom through personal responsibility offers the true solution is a big jump in perceived reality and would seem more so to the beginning few in accepting this theory as being possible and begin to contemplate it. However, the impetus of the alternative of doing nothing during the collapse of the current experiment will supply pressure to consider new alternatives. Lack of personal responsibility within the ideal of elected governing entities will bring the realization of it as the key to success. The weakest link (muscle) must be strengthened by exercise. It must be given the opportunity of use in order to accomplish this strengthening. This must be the basis of the way out of the present situation to a new beginning.

Birthing this conception is next on the agenda. It will be like putting the second large rock into the flow of a fast river in order to divert it into another channel. But once the first rock is in place, then it is time to add the next one so that more water is diverted, however now there are more available to move that rock. There is a saying in your culture that in order to accomplish any difficult task; it is the willing horse that must be whipped. It is not easy for the compassionate driver, but he knows that it is what must be done. Indeed, we bless you willing ones in these critical hours of this salvage operation. As you also say, "hang in there". It is indeed worth the effort.


The failure of the planned conflagration is to be expected, for there must be a foe in order for that to happen. If indeed there are no armaments to oppose them, what will the dark forces do? There have been such conflicts, but the end result was not something to be repeated. There were self-appointed ones who knew of no other way to oppose distorted energy forces, and this resulted in two wrongs, which did not equate to a right. It is imperative that it be understood that armed resistance is futile. Those of us charged with assisting in resolving this situation will not support it. Though it has been mentioned before, it seemed appropriate to make this point entirely clear.

There is an interesting method of resistance employed by workers within industry when they are working in a factory situation in which the owners/managers are oppressive. It is called "malicious compliance". It is extremely effective over a period of time. In this instance, the employees do only that which they are told to do. They execute their assigned functions, but nothing else. For example, if a machine is breaking down, they do nothing about it. If an item of production is out of place as it moves down the line and will become entangled in any way, they do nothing. It was not in their job description. They cooperate in exactly the way they are told. Nothing is done to create a situation; they just allow the process to follow its natural course. Total compliance, no resistance and the situation deteriorates into chaos by its own volition. An interesting course to contemplate.

Is this turning the other cheek? Not really! It is understanding the process of manifested creation outside of nature. That which comes into being through the focus of thought is maintained through continued focus. It continues as long as it serves its purpose and the focus of positive attention holds it in manifestation. When support for this is withdrawn, it returns to chaos. Management, as in the above example, rarely knows the exact functions and their focus is upon manipulating the workers, the customers and the balance sheet. There are too few holding the focus with positive intent for the manifestation to hold its form.

How then is nature different? Nature is Creation expressing in harmony with itself. Man did not create nature. Scientists are busy altering nature in your time. Ever bother to find out how long the hybrid distortions can be held in form? They cannot replicate themselves in perfection. The genes must be recombined, and often that does not happen according to past successes. It does happen when the intent is in harmony with Nature as in producing flowers of greater beauty and different colors. But the intent is to glorify, not exploit the process of nature. Most often, those who love the plant work within the plant processes to accomplish the successful changes.

The point of this discussion is to bring to your attention the importance of the intent of the group that desires to cooperate with Creation as they focus on the framework of the new paradigm. It is suggested that they consider nature as their ideal, this might give them a starting point. How indeed does nature fit into the whole of creation? How could humanity live in harmony with nature, rather than attempt to have dominion (power) over it? That does not mean that nature could not assist mankind in existing on this planet, but it should be a reciprocal relationship. The future would involve cooperating with nature within the Laws of the Universe.

But what are those laws? Where does humanity find those laws that have been hidden from them? In the small amount of time remaining, is there time to study nature and attempt to put together an accurate understanding that could be disseminated quickly enough? You must remember that what you need is available if you but ask. Already the Law of Attraction has been mentioned. But how many laws are there? Less than you might think. The number of applicable laws increases at each dimensional level, for the learning of these laws and their application allows for evolvement to the next level where there are more to learn and to apply within experience. Let us begin a review of these laws. It is a review because you have forgotten them in your sojourn to the 3rd dimensional experience.

The underlying Law of Creation is the Law of Attraction. Simply stated, like attracts like. It does this through the basic tool of Creation—thought. I believe your bible states "As a man thinketh, so is he." If you focus on the morass of evil once you are aware of it, you strengthen it. It is important to be aware of it, so that you may withdraw your support of it by using the second Law of Creation.

The Law of Deliberate Intent. Purposefully withdrawing your fear and fascination for the evil situation once you are aware of it, with the deliberate intent of doing so, is using this Law. You cannot do this by attempting to stop thinking about it. It is only possible to do this by substituting another thought on a completely different subject. In the case of the evil plan, it requires the total inclusion of those involved. It does not matter what the thoughts are as long as they support the plan. Complicity involves believing the intent of those involved is for the good of all. Perhaps now you can see the power of sympathy for the afflicted ones around your globe. This supports the victim consciousness that is required, for it is complicity in disguise. Do you not consider them victims of war or natural disaster or poverty? You must take a deep breath, accept your part in bringing support to their feelings of victimhood. They too have responsibility in the creation of those situations. Your sympathy will not solve their misery. Your deliberate choice to create a new paradigm of experience will do that. Withdrawing your focus of attention and bringing it toward creating a new experience will bring the change about far more quickly than repeatedly sending aid while considering them poor innocent victims. Does this sound hard hearted? From our point of view, it is hard hearted to be part of the creation of these horrendous situations in the first place. You must deliberately choose to implement your desire to create a whole new experience for them as well as yourselves. When you choose to place your intent beyond the play perceived by the 5 senses, and place it instead into the creation of a new experience, you are withdrawing your consent and support of the experience in which you no longer wish to participate. You are using the second Law of the Universe.

These are the two Laws that apply to this situation. There are yet two more and those shall be brought to bear within this information, as it is appropriate. It is important that we progress within the Laws, as they are applicable. It is important that you come to realize that the Laws of the Universe are immutable. They cannot be changed or distorted. They work without question as to whom is applying them. When you consider the plan of evil intent that surrounds you, you can see them at work. Like attracts like and intent of purpose brings situations into being. However, we have attempted to bring to your understanding that there are nuances within these Laws that allow for Creation to continue. There needs to be an understanding and awareness of the leavening ingredient of Freewill followed by its proper use. Through this we have infinite variety within Creation and expansive movement results.

It is our hope that you will contemplate the implications of this information and that it will enlighten your understanding as well as strengthen your resolve to serve with our winning team.


When we last had occasion to deal directly with those behind this plot, it was within a conference type situation. At that time, they were informed that there was full awareness of what their plan was set to accomplish. They were told that it was a futile attempt, but it was their choice to continue on in their chosen path. Inasmuch as freewill is the loose cannon of the Universal plan for evolvement, there was nothing we could do. Now it has reached the point at which their plan is indeed a threat, not that it could ever fulfill their desired goal of a negative universe/galaxy. It can however create unimaginable chaos. Do not take this information lightly. It is indeed a serious situation. This is not the fault of the inhabitants of Earth, it is just that this was the planet with the consciousness and physical manifested body type to fit the most ideal criteria for their plan. This is not the first time they have tried to overwhelm your planet to use it and humans for this purpose. It was a long time ago in your sequential counting. They were far advanced then in their technological gadgetry, but did not understand humanity, which allowed them to be repulsed. Unfortunately humanity chose to use force to do so and in that way buried within their psyche the belief that force was the way to solve any encroachment upon their perceived freedom. In a way, it married you to them through this perception.

This time, they believe that the earlier error in understanding their foe will not be repeated, for they have studied you well. Every weakness is known and is being exploited for their purposes. However, their focus was upon inducing your cooperation rather than resisting them until it is too late for you to do so. They carefully laid plans to overwhelm you both sensually and physically. In particular, they have emphasized safety over adventurous risk except within military paradigms. So you have insurance for all risky portions of your regimented life. You have your addictive paycheck system to depend upon, along with Social Security. (Notice it is always capitalized right along with your references to God. Even omnipresent Satan Claus is capitalized.) Your heroes are all well paid sports or movie stars. How adventurous are these? Your movie star heroes are drugged and adulterous in open display along with your presidential movie star. Remember if you can be held at the lowest level of your dimension, you cannot take advantage of the dimensional leap at the shift of the cycles, but can instead be taken to an even lower level of vibration. At that point it is their intention to separate the soul energy from the body. They have no intention of putting it back into another body. It is the energy that they plan to use as power in the transformation of the chaos they intend to cause from positive to negative. They believe that the lower the vibration, the nearer it is to the still point, thus making it more malleable. All of these theories have been concluded by attempting to study Creation through the process of following its steps backward from manifestation to creative impetus.

Fortunately, there are many miscalculations in their plan. But not enough to avoid creating great chaos indeed if their plans progress much farther. Here again we are faced with the great stumbling block of freewill, the key ingredient in both bringing this situation into existence and causing it to self-destruct. This magical key is held by the consciousness of the beings on this planet. The consideration of the situation from the above point of view allows for it to seem to be a very bleak future indeed.

Enter the view from the other side, that of Creation. This view is adventurous, opportunistic and positive. It moves not upon long and exacting plans, but within a fluid and expansive mode. It moves within a creative stance that allows for enhancement of individual and collective experience rather than suppression and destruction. Remember the picture of the pond! The other side must control the ripples from the outside in, while WE may cause them great problems of containment by using just one small pebble, one idea continuing thought focused on creation. We have here two opposite modes of movement within the totality of Creation. Now, looking at the big picture, on which side would you place your bet?

It is not that our side does not have some problems to resolve, it is just that we have the innate natural expansive consciousness that harmonizes with the intended Life experience. Even though the conscious awareness appears to be mesmerized into sleep, how does one bring a hypnotized person back to consciousness? Is it not a snap of the fingers? But must that trigger be previously programmed? Not necessarily! Their planned trigger is the sudden mass realization of overwhelming control, an emotion they plan to feed upon with great enthusiasm. So, we have been busy triggering this realization in a slow and steady manner so as not to alert them to the damage that is being done to their planned trigger. Remember the 100th monkey theory? It is a slow and increasing dawning of understanding within the mass consciousness until a critical number reaches an awareness of a new concept and all know. Guess what! We are disarming their trigger. Are you aware of the awakening happening now? You were hoping for sudden realization while we were implementing the opposite. We are planning surprises of our own. It is indeed rewarding or fun as you put it, to be on the winning side and know it.

Now, is the time to begin preparing the step in the process of a new focus for the awakening awareness of your planetary inhabitants. A new paradigm of experience! How fast must it move into the fray? Don’t sweat that for a minute. Just do your part and all will come into play right on time. Once the first crack in their plan is complete, things will pick up in momentum. Just remember that we are hardly impotent. It is just that we must play the game according to the rules that insure success. Not so for our opponents! Keep in mind that the Creator must retain all of his fragments; even those that are our perceived opponents. He cannot stop caring for any part of the whole of His being.

*Note that we use the masculine within this information when referring to the Creator. It is just that creating is an attribute of the masculine focus, while the womb or ability to contain the creation of the masculine function is considered the feminine attribute. Through this we have the depiction of the masculine Creator and the mother Earth. Indeed it is balanced in wholeness of experience. We would prefer that the women of Earth would come into this understanding and find their balance within it soon.

May these glimmers of understanding be blessings indeed, as you continue to fulfill your commitments within this wondrous event. Keep on keeping on!


It is within the scope of the information to bring through the basic framework of the underlying movement of how we may assist you to spearhead the ripples of change that will spread outward through the mass consciousness. Remember that when the pebble is first cast, the first outward ripples would seem quite inconsequential, but in the moments that follow, they move outward in ever widening circles. This process works when the waters of the pond are still. The mass consciousness is indeed mesmerized into stillness through the methodology employed by the planners of this situation. That does not include ones involved in skirmishes of war, but when the totality of the billions of beings upon the planet is considered you must remember there are many who are not reached by the media communications and are unaware of any of this drama. Therefore the surface of the mass conscious awareness remains quite still. This is the reason that it is imperative that we accomplish our goals to interject our changes within the individual awareness of key individuals now. It is the slow and undetectable change of thought patterns within each individual that comes into contact with this knowledge, that is the underlying foundations of our building process. The talk radio programs as well as the supporting data available on the lnternet is making an impact with additional printed and visual material for those who are yet to understand and process the wake up information more completely.

This format is reaching countless individuals who have this within their conscious and sub-conscious levels of mind. Their degree of denial on the conscious level does not matter at this moment in the sequence of events. The information is there to be remembered when some item of news or event in their experience will trigger the remembering of it. The Internet reaches around the planet and the mushrooming of interest in available information is a measurement of the thirst for this knowledge and is a small indication of what is going on. Please note that had one of the talk show hosts indeed stopped his involvement, there was backup present and already in operation. Volunteers are given opportunity, but backups are standing by not only waiting, but already in position. Ours is not a slap-dash poorly planned operation. Just as the opposition has focused energy to lay their plans and to implement them; this was not unknown to us. In the observation of these, there were plans in readiness so that any possibility to end their endeavor at earlier stages was possible. Indeed, a chess game of great magnitude has been in progress for a very long time in your counting. Now we are down to the final moves.

The understanding of this basic framework of the plan involves seeing your part in the initiation of this phase as being within the first pebble. To bring change to a mass consciousness involving billions of individual points of awareness by a small group of focused group awareness is indeed a tiny pebble. It is the focused aspect that makes the difference, especially when that focus is in harmony with the underlying purpose of the Creator. As that focus encompasses a larger and larger group, the pebble becomes larger and larger. Just because it has reached the surface of the pond of mass consciousness of those inhabitants of the planet, it has not yet reached the level of the surface of the pond of awareness of the planet Herself.

The level of awareness of Earth consciousness is a whole new ball game, which has never been explored by the humanity in this sojourn you refer to as the current wave of planetary civilization. It was known and understood at what might be called "priestly" levels long ago, but the information was not disseminated. Just as there are what you call beings of awareness that have transcended 3rd dimensional experience and who are devoted to the task of assisting you in this process, so also are there foci of awareness that serve in that purpose at the planetary level. Those are fully aware of this situation and have not yet brought their influence to bear. What you perceive as influences involving Earth herself, are as yet just normal reactions to distorted patterns brought forth by the extreme misuse of your home base. If the action within the mass consciousness does not bring about the desired changes, then a pebble of different origin will ripple that conscious pond and indeed there shall be movement on that level which will not be kind to the inhabitants. Unfortunately that level of awareness is oblivious to individual humans and so all shall experience and survive, or not, those events by their own intuition as to placement and movements within the events as they occur. It is still possible to bring about the reversal of planned misuse of the inhabitants and the planet without that level of involvement.

As you can see by following the messages, there are multiple levels of involvement in this situation, and we have but barely scratched the surface. It is not planned to overwhelm you with information, but only to bring forth that which will serve your understanding that you are not abandoned, but are supported fully so that the opportunity to transcend through the cycles may be fully available. It is not necessary that all of humanity be given this information in order for them to participate at this moment in your timing. Most would not even consider it. It is for those that are open to it and find comfort in knowing that their efforts are acknowledged and supported. Most have moved on with their assignments without knowing why or how to accomplish them, but have taken advantage of opportunity and kept going because there was a knowingness that it was what they "had" to do. That is courage indeed, which does not go unrecognized in the final accounting of this endeavor.

Blessings to all that read and consider this information, for it is given in the focus of Love within that which is the Source of this opportunity through experience



Now that we are beginning to reach a level of understanding of the basic format that is the foundation for your cooperative focus within the larger view, it is possible to expand into more levels of information. These are not at the physical activity level, but in the more important area of using creative thought. Inasmuch as you are a focused fragment of the Creator’s awareness, it is now time for you to begin to fulfill your purpose of expanding the use of the holographic concept that has been the vehicle of your trip into 3rd dimensional experience.

This is not a process intended to overwhelm or cause resistance within your awareness. These concepts are known to you at deeper levels, and will seem quite familiar provided you relax and follow the wording. These will begin to stir the inner remembrance process. It is within your understanding that a fragment of a whole can through the holographic process depict the whole. It is through the projection of light through the fragment that the illusion of the whole from which it came is reproduced so that the nature of the whole can be known. If this is the case, then you are a picture of the Whole from which you were projected. If this is true, then how can there be diversity in what is seen all around you? Shouldn’t this be a world of exact replicas? If the Source of the replicated whole were limited to one focus of experience, then that would be true.

However, if the Whole of that Source is multi-dimensional and within its makeup holds the potentiality of multiple foci of purpose, then each projected fragment draws upon that unlimited field of possibilities. Thought provides the mobility that allows Creation to flow into manifestation. Thought has the potential of thinking within and upon itself. This is another way of describing Freewill. Thus these added levels of activity enable endless variety to be present.

Now if that is true, why then isn’t every fragment totally different? You were created in the image and similitude of that which projected you into existence. Here the law of attraction of similar yet different is seen at work. If that was absent, then there could be no exchange of thought and Creation would be just an unending field of unrelated diversity. Enter what you call intelligence, which is nothing more than thought thinking within itself and observing itself observe itself, a spiraling activity. Focused thought thinks itself outward into manifestation. This is a slowing of the vibratory rate of the extended thought to the lowest level at which it can contain its purposeful intent. At that point the manifested thought can no longer perceive its Source. It is in a state of thinking awareness that can now perceive itself and its surrounding environment. In your vernacular, it can no longer clearly remember the nature of its Source, so it has forgotten. Since it is projected thought, it must maintain its connection in order to remain in manifestation. Through this connection, lies the potentiality of the fragment focusing its own thought processes purposefully back through this connective energy flow and then begin to "remember" what it is, which is again thought thinking within and upon itself.

Since the holographic projection is an extension process of outward movement of thought, the natural inclination is to continue the outward movement through the use, in this scenario, of its sensatory tools to think (observe). Indeed we could go on for volumes of books to cover the beginning story of this planet and its history of inhabitants, but that would take us afield from the purpose of this message. The point is to help you realize that thought thinking within and upon itself is commonly experienced by you because it is exactly what you are. Through choice you create diverse experiences. Through thinking and choosing, each experiences commonly shared situations differently. This is the natural flow of Creation within Itself.

This sounds idealistic when the current situation surrounding you is considered. When multiple human beings (extensions of thought from higher dimensional foci) experience interactions, combined thought patterns evolve. These thought patterns in movement are something like your breathing process. They expand to a certain point and then relax and contract by returning first to a restive state. Involved within this process you experience positive and negative polarties, or so you have named them. It is a slow spiralling process, just as your breathing process was intended to assist you in a slow spiralling process.

If these are the parameters of experience, then you can begin to perceive that the contraction-relaxation phase of your process in this moment of planetary experience is not in a normal state. It is very distorted indeed. Your intended freedom of thought choice process has been violated. It is layers of thought distortion experiencing contraction that has bypassed the restive point that normally allows for the return to the expansive mode. Hopefully you can now overlay this understanding upon the planetary experience. If so, you see that in order for the distorted plan to accomplish their moment of beginning, following use of planned chaos, which is to be their field of opportunity to cause a change of polarity, they must allow the restive point to be reached. There ideal is to attain this by overwhelming the greater part of the conscious awareness of this planet through a majority of its inhabitants. This is to be teamed with the ending, or shifting of a major Creative cycle in this Galaxy. There exists within their timing and their methodology their greatest weakness. For the contraction of awareness beyond the Universal norm, when placed in a momentary rest point, sets up the opportunity for a reactive expansion of major proportion. Carefully placed triggers within the same contracted awareness can ensure this expansion. Welcome to the winning side! Focus and manifest! Indeed!


It is now appropriate through the shift of greater understanding within the key group of visionaries to begin the focus of the conception of the new paradigm of experience. As is the pattern, many will receive this cosmic stimulation, and the perfect few will respond when the opportunity to participate is presented. Keep in mind that this continuing process will move through phases of birthing within the awareness individually and collectively in a subtle calm transcending movement. Do not expect a massive jumping on the bandwagon type of reaction. It will move outward in a whisper of awareness. Again, think in terms of the patterns of nature. When you observe nature you see spirals in the slow process of growth as in the spiral of shell formation and within the functioning of breathing. Though, invisible to form, it is the process that begins at birth and carries each mammalian form through its sequential life. Consider the birthing process through the format of breathing, expansion and contraction causing movement toward the goal within a transcending spiral and carrying it to completion. You will see a traveling outward of conceptual information, and in breath of consideration, again a traveling outward and an in breath of shared discussion, moving toward the desired focus of new experience. The intent fueled by desire for new the experience will bring forth the process which is being built upon the foundation of foci provided by multiple levels of awareness with supporting intent for this situation to move into a new paradigm.

This is the appropriate moment to consider a self-defeating concept that needs to be corrected to insure success. Through long planted misinformation by the religions on your planet, you think of the focused assistance as coming to you from the outside. You look outward at the surrounding lights In your sky at night and presume it is coming from "out there". Indeed, it is possible to exchange energies at the level of manifestation, however the flow of Creation is from the inside out. It is an expansive process. Again we must remind you of the in and out flow of the breathing process. What your scientists observe as burn out and destruction through black holes, etc. is instead evidence of the breathing process incorporating the spiraling changes of shifts into higher vibratory dimensions. As this happens, appropriate energy fields move through this process. If it was all energy, then what is observed would long ago have been "devoured" by one single black hole. (Here again you can begin to understand the magnitude of the plans of the negative focus in attempting to create through the process of pushing this Galaxy through a process opposite the creative flow into an opposing reality.) What is perceived by the scientists as the compaction of energy into a tiny ball of massive molecular weight, is of course, total nonsense. The energy is expanding within the conversion process by increasing its vibrational levels as it moves into a new paradigm of expression. Is this Galaxy, or a small portion of it going through the black hole process? There is no awareness of it. What if it was true? If it were to happen, it would hardly be a hellacious experience.

Let us return to the point. To say that our plan is in motion does not mean that conscious contacts with seemingly appropriate beings of shared purpose and dedication is near completion. It is this process of conception that is the focus of these lessons. That which is to be accomplished at more subtle levels depends upon this process proceeding within defined parameters. The outflow of this information to those of commitment is encouraged. It is most meaningful in the whole of it, but each can stand alone as is appropriate. Key words to trip the intercept triggers have been for the most part avoided and the references to beings and processes of "interest" are made as subtly as possible. It is time that the usage of those be virtually eliminated as our focus of intent is on information that educates and informs you of the true nature of yourselves and the energetic forms and functions of the Creation of which you are an integral part.

Let us make a point clear. This focus of information is not "God" speaking directly to you. That which you call by that name is a confused and misunderstood scramble of misinformation. What has happened is that what could be personified into the Creator of this Galaxy is not the focus of the whole of All That Is. To make this understandable, perhaps, let us return again to the breathing process as an example. The underlying All That Is is pure potentiality and even finer levels beyond that which are imperceptible because to perceive it is to limit it. At its conceptual level, breathing is expansion as you breath out, rest, in breath, rest and repetition. Potentiality is most available for "absorption" (big generalization) in the moments of rest. Throughout the entirety of the expression of Potentiality into experience are varying degrees of awareness that have begun their return trips by first realizing they are holographic tiny fragments of the focus of their Creator. This creative focus is in turn a tiny fragment of a finer more encompassing focus of the Potentiality that underlies a greater Creation that has at some point been birthed from that which lies beyond in an unknowable state. Will we return to that a state of unknowingness? Is that our goal at the farthermost reaches of eternity? Doubt it, for it appears that in order to move through the return trip, just exactly the opposite is necessary in order to progress. You must remember one of your greatest distortions in understanding Creation at this level is your concept of needing to measure experience as linear, in what you call time. It is also a great barrier for those of us who are too interested in experience to bother to measure it. We can conceive of no reason to do so, for we know Divine Order has no sequential parameters.

As we return to our discussion of your concept of "God" you can now see why we have substituted the term "Creation" and "Creator" instead of using "God" in the hope that we could begin to change your perception. The word "God" itself conjures up feelings that cause inner turmoil in many, since at a deeper level they know that the religious teachings through a long sequence of experience has brought them only confusion. It has given them a distorted representation of the Source of their origin. It is important that those who intend to bring forth the new paradigm have at least basic clarity of the nature of their identity and of the Source of their existence. What lies beyond this Galaxy is, at this moment, outside the necessity to understand. To know that it IS, is all that is necessary. Our focus lies within the Creation of our Creator. He (androgynous but in the masculine creative mode) can be called "God", but frankly a new name is recommended. You may address communication to Him, but it is only received when it harmonizes with the creative outflow of His expression. "In His Name" as an expression in your bible was meant to tell you to place your focus of prayer within that purposeful intention. You are to make a request that intends creation, within the harmony of His attitude of "all that is necessary to bring what you desire is available for your use. You are a fragment of Him and through you, He (the "I am" awareness of your connection) is experiencing expansion of the total awareness that is You/He." As you do this, it is a shared experience. As a fragment of Him, you create by attraction all your experiences. But, using the Law of Intention in harmonious cooperation within His expansive mode is how you create purposeful or new paradigms of experience.

It is hoped this information is a blessing through the expansion of your understanding of who and what you are! Yours is a glorious heritage, celebrate it!


We hope that you have found the information thus far to be helpful to you. We understand that some of the concepts revealed are difficult to understand, much less believe. But we believe that you are now ready to understand or you would not be exactly where you are at this moment in time.


"Only when you suspend the Belief

in the impossibility of the Possible,

will the Impossibility become possible."

                                                         ~Roger Renner


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