Messengers of The Answer


A simple, positive vision held and empowered by a dedicated few

 will provide the basis for a transformation of humanity

and the salvation of our Earth.

The Arcadian Society is a global, benevolent society of visionary people - each an Emissary of Peace. We are working independently, yet in unison, sharing and empowering a vision of a New Paradigm that will provide workable solutions to the challenges that face humankind at this time in our history.

The information presented here is lengthy and if you choose to continue reading you will be challenged to understand the concepts we discuss. However, if you can grasp the concepts perhaps you will begin to understand why you are where you are at this moment in your reality. The understanding gained will free you from the feeling of being trapped as a victim and empower you with the knowledge and ability to become the author of your own script and a co-creator in the future of humanity and our Earth.

We believe that a vision that will provide solutions to the seemingly insurmountable problems facing us at this time in history is presently manifesting despite the popular media's focus on the negativity of the reality we've created. Whether we realize it or not, we are empowering through our focused attention the very problems that we wish to resolve.

While various think tanks are working to solve the problems facing the planet and humanity, it is our opinion that the solutions being offered are akin to slapping a mere band-aid over a gaping wound and declaring it "healed." We believe the solutions offered by the traditional think tanks not only fail to address the underlying principles of the problems, they would take far too long to implement resulting in further needless suffering of humanity and Nature alike.  

So, what is the solution?

We believe the solution is so simple that it would seem ridiculously impossible - but just the opposite is true. The solution we propose DOES work. Many are aware of the Universal Laws of Intentional Creation; the Laws of Attraction through focused Intention within Allowance and Balance. In summary, that upon which you focus expands. The more attention/intention you focus upon it, the more dominant it becomes until, at a point it IS your new reality.

Simply put, by shifting our mental focus from the problems we see to a solution - a vision of a New Paradigm - we will begin to empower a new reality. As our focus shifts from the problems we've created to that which we desire as a new reality, the negative energy that maintains that undesirable reality will be reduced and the problems and the systems creating them will collapse. However, that is not the whole solution.

There must first be movement beyond mere desire into an active positive thought projection for the purpose of manifesting this New Paradigm experience. After the creative dreaming of possibilities follows the purposeful focus process to place the skeletal outline in place. The great reward will be the painting in of the details with the experience of that which you will have created. The joy of that part of the process shall be wonderful indeed!

The vision of the New Paradigm must be a bold and original work. It cannot consist of merely fixing the existing system, for that was fatally flawed from its very inception. The new vision will challenge your creative abilities, forcing you to expand your imagination into realms yet unrealized.

The key to success is JOY!

While having a worthwhile vision is essential to the Intentional Creation process, there is a key element necessary to the success of the process. That key element is the JOY of creation! Simply intending out of a sense of urgency and fear of all that which may occur if we don't create something better isn't going to produce a positive result, as it is the underlying energy of fear that is the motivation.

Manifestation of a New Paradigm must begin with a passion for the realization of it. That passion is born  from the JOY of your awakening to the realization of the amazing abilities that you have to not only influentially interact with the mechanics of creation, but to actually design the rich and wondrous tapestry of your life.  That passion may also arise from a deeper sense of gratitude and Appreciation for All That Is, once one comes to an understanding of the Divine Wisdom that guides the Process of Creation. Your desire for the betterment of All That Is and the confident assurance of the inevitability of all that is Intended by you as its co-creator provides further Joy to power the creative process.

Understand that it is the emotional content of your vision - the passion that inspired that vision - that engages the gears of the mechanics of creation.

Vision without Passion will remain as just a dream.

A tall order?  Yes.      Impossible?   No.

It's already working!

In order to be most effective, the changes desired must begin with you and me at a level of mind. We must change our overall attitudes and the manner in which we consider and interact with this Earth and our fellow inhabitants upon it. We must begin by manifesting positive change in our own lives first. We must provide the example by living the philosophy. This is simple in concept but not so easy to implement.

If you ask for assistance from Divine Intelligence it will be given to you. We can begin by requesting the wisdom and the courage to turn from our present system of exploiting Nature and our fellow human beings. Then we must resolve to depart from those limiting philosophies that are based in fear, greed, and competition, and turn to those of reverence for our Earth, and love for and cooperation with one another. The resulting energy of this new attitude and wisdom will guide us on our journey into the new reality envisioned.

You could also request inspiration for a personal vision that provides peace, love, joy and prosperity to you as well as for all of creation. Be assured that the Creative Order will honor the request and guide the process if only you will make the sincere request and then Intend and Expect to receive the guidance. That is the first step - getting our own house in order before explaining to others how theirs is in disarray.

"Why not just ask God to solve the problems for us?"

you ask... 

That is NOT feasible. We created this reality. As co-creators of this present situation it is our responsibility to change it. It is only by changing our attitudes, beliefs, and values which have  resulted in this present situation that we can effect lasting change. If the problems were to be magically solved for us we would simply continue down our present path of ignorance and exploitation. Within a very short time we would again be right where we are today. No, until we learn the lessons we are doomed to repeat our mistakes. Thus, direct divine intervention is not the solution.

We believe that a simple, positive vision held and empowered by a dedicated few will provide the basis for a transformation of the mass consciousness of humanity to the new reality envisioned. We each have an opportunity to contribute our own piece of a mental picture of the vision which will become a mass-consciousness vision of incredible magnitude. As more people add their own carefully considered piece to the vision, it will begin to take the three dimensional form necessary to materialize into a physical reality as the New Paradigm.

The Hundredth Monkey Principle?   Perhaps.

"And how could that possibly happen," you may ask, "that a small group of visionaries can inspire the billions of other people that would be needed to achieve this great task?" Researchers have discovered the "science" behind the feasibility of this bold yet simple plan.  Some believe the process is one of mass communication popularly referred to as the The Hundredth Monkey Principle.  Accordingly, at a certain point of saturation of the mass consciousness with a new concept, the thought will go "critical" and instantaneously the mass consciousness of humanity will know and understand the concept.

While the jury is still out regarding the validity of data that resulted in the Hundredth Monkey theory, there is good solid research and evidence of the telepathic communication phenomenon that we, as dynamic, self-contemplating thought energy unconsciously utilize in our daily communication that can ultimately solve our present dilemma. 

To illustrate, an interesting and monumental study was conducted in 1993 by a group of researchers who demonstrated that indeed it is possible for a small dedicated group to influence the collective consciousness through focused thought. The experiment took place in the U.S. capital of Washington D.C. as the National Demonstration Project to Reduce Violent Crime and Improve Governmental Effectiveness brought approximately 4,000 "focused thought" participants to the capital from June 7 to July 30, 1993. A 27-member independent Project Review Board consisting of sociologists and criminologists from leading universities, representatives from the police department and government of the District of Columbia, and civic leaders approved in advance the research protocol for the project and monitored its progress.

This small gathering of focused-thought people was able to manifest a maximum decrease of 23.3% in violent crime in the greater D.C. area during the test session! The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in 1 billion! Earlier, the skeptical mayor of Washington D.C. openly declared that it would take two feet of snow to produce any significant drop in crime in D.C. (See for details).

To further appreciate the amazing significance of this event, we need to consider also that the statistic quoted doesn't include the decrease of non-violent crime during that same period. Adding that factor to the scenario would paint a much more complete picture of the phenomenal magnitude of the positive influence exerted upon the people of D.C. by the focused thought group.

Be aware too, that the focus group was not merely wishing to spread "good vibes" among the people. They were INTENDING to positively influence that which could be considered to be the most difficult of all possible subjects - the habitually-hardened criminal mind. The bottom line is that they manifested, by their focused thought alone, a heretofore seemingly impossible feat that resulted in a major shift in the reality of the masses!

The implications of Dr. Emoto's work stagger the

reasoning mind!

Consider also the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto in which he conclusively proves that our thoughts and emotions do have a direct influence upon (inanimate?) matter. Dr. Emoto discovered that concentrated specific thoughts, projected at water, will result in dramatic changes in the resulting ice crystals when the water sample is frozen. Positive, loving thoughts and emotions produced brilliant, beautifully complex snowflakes, while negative thought forms projected at the same water sample resulted in incomplete, dull and asymmetrical snowflakes (see for details).

Consider for a moment that we - each and every one of us - and indeed almost every living thing on the planet, is composed mainly of water. Our thoughts, attitudes, and intentions are directly influencing, either positively or negatively, our environment all around us. Taking that one step further, we as thought contemplating itself, have the ability, through focused INTENTION, to "create" within our own water-laden cells an environment of health, happiness, peace and prosperity.

Our connection to and dependence upon water is so very critical to our survival and yet we know so little about water that we generally take it for granted. Yet it holds the key to healing ourselves as well as our environment.

Perhaps Dr. Emoto's work helps to explain how it can be that a focused-thought group can directly and positively influence the reality of a whole city of people who were oblivious to the process. One thing is for certain - we can and DO - knowingly or unknowingly, influence the thoughts (and water bodies) of those around us. We can and DO influence all things, living or inanimate, within our environment through our thoughts and intentions.

Ho O' pono pono?

And perhaps Dr. Emoto's research can provide us with insight into the the extraordinary remote healing powers of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. This man is renown for his feat of curing a complete ward of criminally insane patients by simply studying their charts - without ever making contact with the patient! You see, he understands that we are all responsible - personally responsible - for the condition of society as well as that of the planet. His therapeutic approach to healing is an old Hawaiian healing practice known as "Ho O' pono pono," See for more information about the work and healing methods of Dr. Hew Len.

Many wonder if these principles of mental dynamics can be applied to individual healing challenges. Some erroneously believe that our health is a slave to our genes. It's a common belief among women, for instance, that they may have a predisposition to breast cancer or ovarian cancer because their mother or grandmother had it.

However, the fact is that our genes do not dictate, but rather respond to our thoughts about our realty. These amazing truths were brought to light through the research of Dr. Bruce Lipton. To learn more about the work of Dr. Lipton and the new science of Epigenetics, please visit:


Traditionally we've been taught that total responsibility refers to our own actions - our own intentions within our own life. But when you understand that we are all interconnected in a vast energy web of life, you begin to realize that ALL IS ONE and ONE IS ALL. There is no you, and me, and them. We are all connected to the same Source of All That Is. We are all part of the ONE same consciousness.

Dr. Len not only understands the concept, he Lives it. His method is to go inside himself and find the cause of the problem. When he has forgiven and healed it within himself it is forgiven and healed in the patient. When asked how he does it he explains, "I was simply healing the part of me that created them." Dr. Len explains that total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life - simply because it IS your life - is your responsibility. In a very literal sense the entire world is your personal co-creation for which you are also responsible.

 When asked what he actually did when he healed the criminal ward he said that he looked at their charts and said to the imbalance within  himself, "I'm sorry" and "I love you," repeating it over and over again until the imbalance was healed within him.

So, what are your projected thoughts and intentions for yourself... your mate... your children...  mankind and our Earth? What kind of thoughts and intentions do you project into others?  Are your projected thoughts the type that you would like projected back at you? A positive change of your thoughts and intentions can help to transform you into becoming a part of the solution instead of remaining a victim of fear which leaves us as not much more than human parasites exploiting each other and our Earth. Take a moment and ponder that kind of healing potential and understand that it is YOUR potential if only you CHOOSE to develop and use it.

Perhaps you can now see that it is not too much of a stretch of mind to imagine that we CAN heal this Earth through our change of attitude and focused intention of loving concern for all life upon it. We can become, once again, an ally in harmony with the Creative Order of the planet instead of just another plundering adversary.

Once the Intention is made within the Joyful assurance that it will manifest, (the Law of) Allowance is necessary to maintain the manifestation process. We humans have been taught that we must expend physical energy to make things happen for us. It is a belief based upon the application of Force in order for us to have our own way. It is a very childish and primitive concept to be sure, but for the most part the only one we have been taught, learned, and practiced.

But there is another way, and that is the creative process that takes place at the mental, energetic level. It does not require the expenditure of physical force. Once the Intention, in the form of desire within Joy, has been offered to the Universe with the Expectation of the desired result, we need to ALLOW Divine Intelligence to act upon the forces of the Universe and upon the minds of humanity to bring about the desired result.

This is rather difficult for most as we humans want to get ourselves into the thick of it to somehow control the process of achieving the desired outcome in the manner that we, in our limited human perspective, believe is the best method. While we all have been taught the concepts of Faith through various traditional religious teachings and claim to "believe" in the wisdom and power of Divine Providence, the fact is demonstrated by our actions that we really don't believe at all!  We need to develop true Faith in the assurance of the inevitability of the desired outcome and get out of the way, so to speak, and Allow Divine Process to occur on its own schedule.

Some will argue that not everyone will choose to be a part of this utopian project and will remain locked in a negative transmitting/creating mode. While that may be true, as we all have the gift of free will, the negativity produced by those who simply don't get it will serve a useful purpose. Their created reality will help to provide the contrast between that which is presently observed and that which we most desire. It is that contrast which is needed to inspire a greater Desire for the positive change envisioned. As more of humanity awakens to their potential, those few outposts of negativity will eventually catch on or leave the planet!

Why is all the negativity allowed in the first place?

Many question why all the negativity is allowed in the first place. Negativity is a necessary element in the Desire/Creation equation. It is when the balance is (seemingly) tipping toward the negative - from our human survival perspective - that we become concerned about achieving or maintaining balance in the Universe. However, it is the awareness of a perceived imbalance which evokes the greater Desire for the Positive. The focus on that greater Positive desire results in the manifestation of that positive reality. And so swings the pendulum. It has always been this way and so it shall always be this way. It is part of the Grand Design of the Universe. It's not a "good" or "bad" dynamic, it just IS.

As cosmic and geophysical cycles near completion there is a great undercurrent of unrest within creation. It is an unconscious knowingness of an imminent change. Unfortunately the uncertainty of change breeds fear in most minds by which the present system is empowered.  Whether that change be "good" or "bad" is simply a matter of how you choose to perceive the changes. We believe and understand that change is inevitable and that it brings with it opportunity for those who do not fear it. These changes are the beginning of an awakening process within all of Creation and are not something to be feared.

Keeping focused on the vision and intention of the New Paradigm as events unfold around us will help to encourage the fearful and the timid as they begin to tune into the new vision that we are mentally broadcasting. Once the new vision is perceived by the masses, they will shift their focus from the problems to the solution - a vision of the New Paradigm. They will become encouraged and empowered, thus helping, one-by-one, to usher in a new age based upon spiritual principles of love, allowance, and understanding - instead of the bedrock of greed and fear upon which this present system is built.

Throughout history we have been given certain "truths"...

...which have been intended to provide humanity with insight as to our purpose and the nature of our reality. Unfortunately, in the past the information has been altered or simply kept from us in order to maintain the mental enslavement within which mankind is presently trapped.

Within the last century we have learned much of the nature of energy and matter through various theories put forth by Tesla and Einstein most notably. Tesla's inspiration would help us understand the very energy of which we are composed, while Einstein's particle/wave theory would introduce us to the nature of our supernatural being. However the inspiration given to them to share with mankind was kept shrouded in scientific mystery and then reduced to mere mechanisms for the creation of commercial gadgets and a better bomb.

More recently it was the daring work of such pioneers as Erwin  Schrodinger, Werner Heisenberg, Neils Bohr and Wolfgang Pauli who have revealed to us the wonders within the realm of quantum physics that provide explanations of the mechanics of miracles and reveal the divine connectedness of All That IS. Thus leading us to an understanding of how it is that we create our reality within the Zero Point Field.

Once again that knowledge by which we can contemplate and understand the nature of our being, our purpose, and our future is available. Will we tune in and heed the message this time or will we turn a deaf ear to it as we have in the past?

You may ask, "What can I - one individual - do that could make a difference?" This whole daring plan can only work through the efforts of a few dedicated individuals. We have all heard that "many are called, but few are chosen." The fact is that many are called but few CHOOSE to answer the call. However, those few who do answer are all that are needed to change the course of history.

Many feel that they are somehow not qualified or intelligent enough for this task. However we are reminded by one of the greatest minds of all time, Albert Einstein, that Imagination is far more important than mere intelligence.

You don't need to be an Einstein, or a Nobel Prize winner, nor a great orator or diplomat to be effective in sharing the vision of the New Paradigm. You only need to be you - a concerned human being dedicated to becoming part of the solution. This daring plan can only work with the efforts of you and me, and all of us on this planet at a grassroots level. It will not happen by legislation or yet another political action group within the constructs of existing governments as they have failed miserably thus far. There  is no reason to believe that they can or will contribute to this effort. It can only happen as a result of human beings everywhere remembering, honoring, protecting and cherishing their humanity and collectively creating the New Paradigm. It is already happening. All you have to do is add your vision to that of countless millions of others who are beginning to awaken to this truth at this time.

You can make a difference!

We believe that within each and every one of us lie the seeds of greatness - a potential to rise to the challenge and accomplish truly great things.  We each have the ability to elevate the human spirit to realms yet unexplored. The fact is that we are each creating every moment and element of our personal and collective realities. These creative forces are constantly at work within our minds. The question is, are we to simply be passive recipients of the process, or shall we take charge and consciously direct the process? Shall we have a vision of the destination to be reached, a knowledge of the dangers to be avoided, or shall we aimlessly drift on the sea of creation - remaining victims of chance and circumstance?

Obviously, any thinking person will choose to be the master of their own destiny. The process by which that is accomplished is simple, but not necessarily easy. It requires the expenditure of effort. The effort to develop discipline in one's thinking and creating processes. The disciplined mind will become the most effective creator of a personal, as well as the collective reality. In this case, the New Paradigm.

Consider for a moment that you, personally, have a unique opportunity to write your own line into history. The question is, What will your line be? What will history remember about you? What contribution will you make for the betterment of humanity and the planet?  Through your focused Intention, you can personally affect the mechanics of creation and contribute to the realization of lasting peace, prosperity, happiness and dignity for all of humanity.

If you decide to become a part of this effort, there are no expectations of you, as your degree of participation is a very personal decision. And there are no qualifications which must be met other than having a sincere desire and a commitment to becoming a part of the solution. Your participation with us is by choice alone and can be as simple or as involved as you wish.

Some have asked, "What would I actually do?" To those who ask, we suggest you begin to understand who you are and what your role could be in becoming part of the solution. By the Law of Attraction your desire, intention, and commitment to the solution will move you down the path of greater awareness of that which your role could or should be in this endeavor. It has already brought you to this point in your awareness. But ultimately only you will know what it is that you need to do. No one else can tell you what your role is - you are the author of your own script.

Answering the call to a greater service.

For those who wish to do something positive right away, your participation could be as simple as passing on the information on this website. For others who believe that they are answering a calling and wish to establish their efforts into a more formally organized form, we do offer assistance to our members in establishing their vision as a not-for-profit mission or "ministry" in the service of humanity and our precious Earth. 

If this is of interest, you may click this link, Profit or Non-profit? to view our special report  There is no obligation in receiving this valuable information and we will not bombard you with solicitations. Nor will we share your information with any other party.

Don't wait. Begin your journey now!

There are many ways by which we can reach a particular destination - in this case the destination being the enlightenment to our potential as creators of our reality and the development of our creative abilities. Some may wish to take the slow, scenic route while others may be in more of a hurry to arrive and thus may "journey" every day.

Whichever mode you may choose, it is most important to begin the journey on your path to awareness, understanding  and the development of your abilities to create your reality and to participate in the co-creation of the collective reality of all humanity.

To assist in that process, we are pleased to be able to provide several of the most significant books ever written on the subject of intentional creation and self empowerment.

The first of these timeless books is entitled, As A Man Thinketh, and was authored by James Allen at the turn of the 20th Century. It provides deeper understanding of how we create the conditions, the Causes and Effects, in our lives and how we can take control of them and our future.

The second and third books, The Power of Awareness and Awakened Imagination, were authored by one of the most gifted spiritualists of all time, Neville Goddard. Neville had a unique ability to take those deep and complex spiritual principles of Intentional Creation and simplify them to the point that even a school child can readily understand them. We recommend that you read them in order, that is, beginning with The Power of Awareness, to receive the most benefit from them. Of all the books that we offer, The Power of Awareness provides the greatest insight into the processes of Self Empowerment and Intentional Creation.

The fourth book that we will share with you is actually a full training course and is entitled, The Master Key System. Written in 1912 by Charles F. Haanel, when introduced it was hailed by many as the greatest book ever written. However it was soon branded as heresy and banned by mainstream religious leaders of the day and had virtually disappeared - until recently.

All four of these wonderful books are presented in a logical lesson-by-lesson format that is intended to be studied incrementally, step-by-step, until all aspects of the subject are completely understood and mastered - a process that is exciting as well as personally empowering.

Through the teachings of James Allen, Neville Goddard, and Charles Haanel you will learn that thought is energy; active thought is active energy; and focused thought is a concentrated energy. Thought concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power. This is the same power which was used by the focused thought group mentioned earlier who gathered in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 1993 to demonstrate our abilities to positively influence the collective consciousness of humanity and our environment.  However, it must be understood that the focused thought group was not composed of average people from off the street. The group was specially trained in focused thought projection. That was the secret of their phenomenal success. That is the training available here through As A Man Thinketh, The Power of Awareness, Awakened Imagination, and The Master Key System.

Few people know How to think.

The greatest and most marvelous power which we possess is our power to think. We all arrive on this plane as equals with equal opportunity and free will. However, it is by our thinking that we become segregated and classified. Few people know how to think logically, constructively, clearly, or correctly; consequently they achieve only indifferent results when applying the tools of intentional creation. Since our childhood, society, religion, and family have taught us WHAT to think, but most of us have never learned HOW to think. Therefore, by training our minds to think in a more efficient manner, a focused manner, we can become more effective in our creation of a new reality for ourselves and the generations to come.

Through As A Man Thinketh, The Power of Awareness, Awakened Imagination and The Master Key System  thousands of people have learned the principles by which they created their own realities of health, happiness, fame  and fortune. We believe that if you follow its guidance in the step-by-step manner in which it is presented, you too, will learn to create any reality you desire - your piece of the New Paradigm vision.

The links to our printable version of all three of these valuable books are provided below and free of charge.

After studying these wonderful works, some may wish to delve into more of the details behind the mechanics of thought and the creation of personal reality. There is much to be learned from the Handbook for the New Paradigm and it sequels, Embracing The Rainbow and Becoming. The information is lengthy and will challenge many of your basic beliefs about your reality. But for those of you who do read it through completely, you will find it will provide you with understanding unlike anything you've read before. All are available free of charge and in a printable format through the links found below.

The study of these various materials can provide insight into putting your personal life in order by using your newly-learned tools of Intentional Creation to manifest peace, love, prosperity and perfect health in your own life while developing a deeper reverence for our Earth. You begin by envisioning and manifesting your own personal piece of the vision of the New Paradigm. Create the New Paradigm in your mind and in your life right now! You will then become more effective in helping others by sharing the information from a position of your own experience.

We strongly suggest that you begin your journey with As A Man ThinkethThe Power of Awareness, Awakened Imagination and The Master Key System before reading any of the other books that we have provided.  Please make the effort to learn the concepts and perhaps you will begin to understand why you are where you are at this moment in your reality - and how to change your life, humanity, and the future of the planet for the better.

In Summary...

Dominant thoughts empowered by emotion manifest

into reality.

Choose your thoughts wisely.

While most of us are aware of the underlying nature of the events surrounding us at this time, it is now more important than ever to focus in earnest Intention upon that which we desire within the New Paradigm and disregard that which we do not want. For most, a state of Peaceful Coexistence is, and should be, the foundation for their vision of the New Paradigm.

Most of us have seen the picture of praying hands captioned with, "Pray for Peace." While it is essential that we first come to the understanding that it is far more beneficial to choose peace and joyful cooperation over competition and aggression, simply praying, that is pleading  for it, is not enough. We must Desire it so much that we can, and do, Visualize it in our life and in the world around us. And we must Desire it so much that it becomes our deepest Intention to enjoy it in our personal lives. And we must Desire it with so much fervor that we come to Expect to receive and enjoy it. Only then will we be able to Allow it into our lives and to finally Live it in Joy! At that point it will have manifested into our reality - both personally and globally. 

Don't just pray for change - initiate it into your own life first. You can become a seed of Peace and begin the Peace process by declaring, nurturing, teaching, and protecting Peace with just one other person around you. Then with another, and another. In this manner, each and every one of us becomes a Peacemaker - an Emissary of Peace. It's no longer a process that we can entrust to politicians or the multi-national corporations that own them, as they have failed miserably from the beginning of time. We, the human beings on this Earth, as the mothers and fathers, children and school teachers, factory workers and farmers, and all others,  must take back our voice and we must all become the leaders in this process. We must create that Peace. There can be no other way.

In short, Desire and Intend, Live, and Become it with all your heart and being. Then Trust that Divine Intelligence WILL respond. That is the formula for effective prayer.


Perhaps by now you are beginning to realize that it is your Vision of a new and better future driven by  your Passionate Desire and Intention for the manifestation of that future, that is the solution to humanity's problems. In your capacity to create a new and better reality, the answer is within you.

Very literally, YOU are The Answer.

The mission only seems overwhelming, but you can make a difference. We believe that you are here, reading and contemplating this information at this moment, because at a level beyond mere consciousness you recognize that you have a very important role to play in securing the future of humanity. Know and trust that you are not alone. We welcome your participation in this quest.

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Some have asked if there is any significance to our name, and indeed there is. Our name defines our purpose, our goals and our intentions for all humanity.

Arcadia [ arr kay' dee ah ] noun; Late 19th century. Via Latin from Greek Arkadia , a mountainous district in ancient Peloponnesus renown for its pastoral beauty and the peace and abundance enjoyed by its people.


Mission Statement

The Arcadian Society is a private, global, benevolent society of visionary people, each an Emissary of Peace.  Our mission is to facilitate the personal search for greater meaning within Life and provide an environment for advancement toward peaceful positive change. We believe that the original inspiration and understanding imparted into the mind of humanity of the need to care for and tend this beautiful and wondrous garden, our Mother Earth, is also today our Individual and Collective Responsibility and Duty.

We are dedicated to the recognition, celebration and protection of the natural Human Rights of all of humanity as autonomous units of free will, sovereignty, self-responsibility, and self-governance within the State of Humanity. More of us are declaring ourselves as World Citizens within that natural-law State of Humanity, having abandoned the nationalistic models  and their pseudo-patriotic support systems into which we were coerced through deception.

We believe that the intention and wish of the Creative Order is for humanity to live Life freely, cooperatively, abundantly and joyously. We teach that we should all actively create love, joy, peace and prosperity, while coming to a greater understanding of our Divine nature both within and beyond this third-dimensional human experience. We must learn, once again, to respect, honor, and celebrate the diversity within the Oneness of all humanity.

We believe that we human beings are to be stewards of the resources of this Earth and that any controversy among self-serving corporate governments over who owns what portion of it by scratching lines in the dirt, then assuming aggressive or defensive postures, is as foolish and repugnant to the logical thinking mind as the idea of mere parasites debating the ownership of the host upon which they feed.

We understand that we are of this planet - our Mother Earth, and if anything, we belong to her. She is not ours to exploit, pillage, rape and plunder, but ours to love, honor, cherish, cultivate, conserve, and share. We must learn to walk in reverence upon this Earth. To once again wake up, recognize, appreciate, and be overwhelmed by the indescribable beauty, balance, wonder, and the absolute perfection of all Life upon this planet that we call home. 

We teach that we should strive to be a Light unto the world by becoming a Living Example of the effect of those Natural and Universal Laws which will lead humankind to the freedom of body and mind, as well as the prosperity and happiness that is the divine sovereign birthright of all humanity.

The intent of our message is to bring enlightenment to empower humankind to break free from the enslaving victim mentality of the present system of fear and greed that keeps our awareness ensnared in ignorance and frustration and to encourage participation in the creation of a New Paradigm in accord with the Laws of the Universe.

As the Sage advises,  we must humbly teach humanity to fish, not only through our words alone, but also by our example. Not just for the sake of the hunger in their bellies, but more so for the greater hunger for the Truth of their Identity and Purpose that gnaws within their minds and souls.

To this end we, the members of The Arcadian Society, dedicate the remainder of our days upon our Earth.

Thank you for answering the call!

                                                                     ~Roger Renner, Founder



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As A Man Thinketh

The Power of Awareness

Awakened Imagination

The Master Key System


If you choose to read the Handbook and its sequels, it is important to understand that the warning of what might be if humanity did not wake up and smell the coffee was written decades ago. We are pleased to announce that the AWAKENING HAS BEGUN! The tide is turning as daily more people are becoming aware of their true nature and of their awesome dynamic potential as co-creators of reality.

So, again, if you choose to read the Handbook and its sequels, Embracing The Rainbow and Becoming. please read them with the assurance that all that we are Intending is NOW manifesting and the bright future of our Earth and humanity upon it IS assured. In the beginning the change is a gradual process to be sure. But with more of us awakening to the call, the pace of change will be quickened as others, too, begin to focus upon that which can be instead of that which they now see.

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Handbook For The New Paradigm

Embracing The Rainbow


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Handbook For The New Paradigm

Embracing The Rainbow


If you have read thus far, you are to be commended for your perseverance. Few readers are motivated enough to search to this depth on the page. If you are a seeker, thinker, and a philosopher at heart, you may wish to consider and ponder the following thoughts, shared here by our founder:

Thoughts to Ponder




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